Alex Lahey brought her new album The Best Of Luck Club to The Gov on Thursday night, launching these songs for the first time in Australia to begin her national tour.

Indie singer/songwriter Jess Day provided a folk-inspired unworldly sound with dreamy melodic guitar hooks. Jess’ divine voice was complemented by the harmonies of her band. All of these elements formed together and peaked with the final song ‘Why Is She So Beautiful’.

Jess Day – Photo Kay Cann

It’s insane how far Sydney pop-punkers Stand Atlantic have come since releasing their debut EP in 2017. Since then they have released their first full album Skinny Dipping and have been touring the world. Stand Atlantic are straight up pop-punk and easily the most promising up and coming Australian band in the genre.

It was odd to see their name supporting the alternative rock sound of Alex Lahey, but once they started nobody minded. Their simple pop-punk anthems capture everything great about the genre while making it accessible for everyone with chanting choruses and whining guitar riffs leading the way. It’s too hard not to scream along to the addictively catchy choruses of ‘Skinny Dipping’, ‘Coffee At Midnight’ and especially the finisher ‘Lavender Bones’.

Stand Atlantic – Photo Kay Cann

The Best Of Luck Club tour began just the same way as the album with the first two songs from the album ‘I Don’t Get Invited To Parties Anymore’ and ‘Am I Doing It Right?’ Alex Lahey was backed by a full band consisting of the addition of a keyboardist creating a full studio sound.

The set consisted of eight songs from The Best Of Luck Club going from the slow-paced blues of ‘Black RMs’ to the full punk-rock sound of ‘Misery Guts’ fading into a wall of fuzz from Alex Lahey as she shredded away on the guitar.

Alex Lahey @ The Gov 6.6.19-@kaycannliveshots_02
Alex Lahey – Photo Kay Cann

The Best Of Luck Club has only been out for a month and although the songs were well received the biggest reactions of the night went towards the older tracks such as ‘Awkward Exchange’, ‘Lotto In Reverse’ and ‘Every Day’s The Weekend’. The room came alive for ‘You Don’t Think You Like People Like Me’ the catalyst for Lahey’s successful career so far.

The first single from The Best Of Luck Club ‘Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself’ featured an unexpected live saxophone solo. The room reached manic energy as the chorus to ‘I Haven’t Been Taking Care Of Myself’ was screamed at peak volume, the favourite to end the night.

The Best Of Luck Club has completed Alex Lahey’s live show creating a lengthy headline performance that highlights the artist’s varied and evolved sound.

The Best Of Luck Club Tour has just begun – Tickets Available here –