GraceJean, Melbourne-based folk duo, are changing the music game with their rich harmonies and originality as they prepare for the release of their debut album, Long Black Road. As we wait, here are five things that you didn’t know about GraceJean.

  1. GraceJean is a folk music entity made up of Fiona Steele, a classically trained musician and former lollipop lady with the magical ability to insert her cat into any conversation, and Ailsa Mitchell, a Jazz trained musician, nature lover (though how nature feels about her is ambiguous) and an individual who once drank so much tea that she ended up with an iron deficiency ( who knew right?). 
  2. At GraceJean’s first performances, the number of instruments often outnumbered the audience members, and always outnumbered the people onstage. With an array of mandolins, banjos,  12 string, electric and acoustic guitars and a stomp box, there were plenty of strings between the two. Over the years their style has become much more minimal. In part, they were compelled to refine their sound artistically, but that artistic urge was strongly helped by a growing concern for the life span of their backs. 
  3. GraceJean were introduced to each other though Fiona’s partner. Ailsa swiftly became the ultimate third wheel and the trio now lives together in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, where Ailsa has honed her third wheel capabilities to a precise artform, and Fiona has adopted a cat, who is her emotional soulmate.  She brings up the cat a lot. To be fair, it’s a very cute cat. (for pictures of said cat, find GraceJean on instagram) 
  4. T.O.P  S.E.C.R.E.T.  The name GraceJean comes from our middle names. Shhh. Let’s keep that one between us ok ;)? 
  5.  Lastly, but not leastly, GraceJean are releasing their first album to the world in October. It is a musical adventure, and YES! You, dear reader, are absolutely invited to listen and come on that adventure with them at The Thornbury Theatre. Camping gear and good shoes recommended, tea supply essential. Cat pictures are also beneficial. But seriously. Don’t forget the tea.

GraceJean’s album Long Black Road debuts on Saturday, the 5th of October. Additionally, they’ll also be heading on tour to share their music with their Australian fans.


19th of October – One Tree Hill, Spring Gully VIC

25th-27th of October – Tablelands Folk Festival, Yungaburra QLD

1st-3rd of November – Happy Wanderer Festival, Benalla VIC

23rd-24th of November – Queenscliff Music Festival, Queenscliff VIC

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Official Website

By Jessie Salamon