Visionary director Ang Lee (The Life of Pi, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) pushes cinema into a new age with his latest film, Gemini Man.

Led by Will Smith (looking great in his 50’s) as Henry Brogan, a hit-man who is the best in his field, Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Scott Pilgrim vs the World) as Danny Zakarweski his sidekick and Clive Owen (Closer) as Clay Verris the villain. Smith’s humour brings to life what would otherwise be quite a stagnant script co-written by David Benioff (Game of Thrones)

Plot-wise, it’s nothing ground breaking. The assassin who wants to retire, but the powers that be think he knows too much so it’s on for young and old. It’s been done before. Yeah, there were some cool action sequences. Yeah, there’s a simmering love story under the surface and demons from the past that Brogan must deal with. But it’s a predictable formula that many action films fall prey to.

What makes Gemini Man unique, however, is the use of advanced anti-aging digital technology to create a youthful Brogan clone. It was quite fascinating, and in 3D+ you could see how detailed the clone looked. Impressive as the effects were, seeing a young Will Smith instantly recalled Fresh Prince of Bel Air, but jokes aside I think that this technology has the potential to be used in many facets of film in the future. The clone was incredibly life-like but in 3D+ you could still tell the clone had a digital-ness to them.

Not only the clone was impressive, though. The additional 3D technology used throughout gave some “wow” moments in the high-action scenes. There’s a motorcycle race that brings you right into the action. If you’re seeing it in 3D+, it’s recommended not to sit too close to the front if possible as it can have a dizzying effect.

Overall, the clone storyline has been, erm, replicated many times before so if it’s an original storyline you’re after you may be disappointed. But if new age special effects are your jam then I highly recommend you go see what’s on display here. As it’s a great taste of what the future of cinematic visuals could be.

Gemini Man is coming to Australian cinemas on October 10, 2019.