Ollie English - Porchland Festival South Australia

Porchland, the ‘festival of nice times’ lived up to its reputation, transforming The Range in Adelaide’s south into a bohemian paradise. This year the wholesome all-day music festival expanded to two stages with its biggest lineup yet, filled with local and interstate favourites.

The main site of the festival consisted of the Porch Stage featuring performances from familiar names such as Ollie English, Dead Roo and Babe Rainbow. Refreshingly, the festival didn’t seem to have any defined headliners as the timetable for the day moved freely across genres. The Porch Stage was an afternoon of discovery for the many who set up camp under the giant Porchland tipis where they were treated to the varied styles of performance from acts like Francesca Gonzales, Slowmango and Didier Kumalo.

Porchland the range south Australia

The new addition of the humble Pergola Stage offered attendees a cosy lounge-style set up for some stripped-back folk tunes. The likes of  Tom West, Alana Jagt, Asha Jefferies, Jordie Lane and Ainslie Wills christened the stage with minimalist, easy-listening which reinforced the dreamlike wonder of the day.

Low Res - Porch Sessions

Aside from the music, the festival had an assortment of enjoyable activities to do for everyone of all ages. Whether that was starting the day with Lemonland Yoga, exploring the Makers Market, ducking into the secret walkway for a drink at Cal’s Secret Potion Bar, taking the kids to the Nature Play or finding a tasty treat from the likes of Staazi and Co’s vegan yiros, Gang Gang’s burgers or Four Seeds’ brownies.

Everything from the artists on stage to the friendliness of the staff behind the bars and the notable overwhelming presence of four-legged furry friends adds to the atmosphere that creates a festival with its own identity. This atmosphere is completed by tiny details which carry the Porchland stamp of character, such as the personalised and cheeky hand-crafted signs on everything from stage signs to portaloos.

No false advertising here, Porchland truly is the festival of nice times and a daydreamers paradise.

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Photos – Thomas Jackson