The wind howled as Eelane shivered deeply.

It was the first week she had lived with no shelter; no bed, no home. But luckily she had already made a friend.

Eelane was once a rich and kind girl, but when her mistress started acting strangely, she got scared and ran away. When she was younger, she read books that said if your mistress is acting strangely, she is under an evil spell. Eelane did not have time to think if it was real or if it was not real.

white-painted-wall-2877156“Hey!” Robert interrupted her thoughts. Robert Granger was Eelane’s best and only friend. Robert had also run away from his house once his sister Hermione had got her letter to come to Hogwarts, the school of witchcraft and wizardry.

“Wait, what did you say, Robert?”

“Well, I was trying to tell you that over there is the hotel that we have been looking for.”

“Yes!” she cried, as they ran torwards the haunted hotel.

The pair squeezed through the cat flap in the front door and immediately disappeared through the porthole. There they found Eelane’s mistress lying unconscious on the ground. Next to her were two envelopes that they had not expected.

“Yes!” shouted Robert. “I can’t believe it! Our letters from Hogwarts!”

By Emilia Paez-Piedrahita
Age 9

(Written as part of Expressions Media’s Express Yourself school holiday creative writing workshop.)