Sonya Davis waited. Yallina Weri would push her off any minute.

Should she run or would Yallina yell at her? Sonya ran. She ran past Elli who raced as fast as her chubby legs could carry her (which was not very fast). Sonya slowed. Elli caught up. Sonya picked Elli up and sprinted down the corridor.

Quickly, Sonya got them both changed into bathers and floaties, and dropped Elli out of the window into the rough sea below. Elli floated in the gigantic waves with her short legs kicking quickly to move out. Sonya darted up onto the windowsill and jumped out to sea. 


“Be careful, Sonya!” Ellie called.

Sonya landed with a splash only to be followed by a yell from Yallina from the window where she stood, waiting…

By Olive Maycock
Age 8

(Written as part of Expressions Media’s Express Yourself school holiday creative writing workshop.)