Like A Boss is the epitome of a “chick flick” – is it still OK to use that term these days? It’s the story of BFFs Mel (Rose Byrne) and Mia (Tiffany Haddish) who run their own cosmetics line and store.

Things get complicated when makeup mogul Claire Luna (a fierce yet cartoonish Salma Hayek) swoops in and offers to buy a controlling interest in their company.

The themes of loyalty, friendship and holding on to your values run throughout the film as Mel and Mia’s long-term bond is put to the test.

Haddish’s verbose and outlandish style of humour keeps the pace quick throughout the film and her portrayal of the creative and outspoken Mia brings some slapstick gags.

Byrne’s Mel is the more sensible one in the pair and so didn’t have as many laughs which was disappointing. Rose Byrne is a brilliant comedian, but she was wasted in this role.

Billy Porter steals every scene he’s in with hilarious results as one of makeup store employees and Jennifer Coolidge has a few one-liners that had the audience in stitches.

Overall the storyline was predictable yet unrealistic and some of the acting felt forced. If you want the formulaic movie you feel like you’ve seen regurgitated many times before then I say go for it. Like A Boss has some laughs and a nice message but don’t expect anything original.

Like A Boss is showing at cinemas now.

*** (3/5 stars)