Spare time is (supposedly) abundant in isolation. STORY HACK and the South Australian Film Corporation (SAFC) are helping us put it to good use with a series of intimate workshops for local writers and creatives.

Initially intended as a physical workshop, Christy Dena will host a series of online sessions, with the first one commencing 26 June. Don’t miss out. Dena brings an engaging, multi-faceted approach, stemming from her work on projects, labs, workshops, and mentoring in the USA, UK, Europe, Brazil, Kenya, and more.

The first session, alluringly titled A Pen, a Keyboard, a Song, and a Sandbox Walk into a Writers’ Room, explores the role of play in writing processes and projects.

This will be followed by two related workshops:

  • Interactive Narrative Design and;
  • Films/Games/VR/AR/Audio: Designing the Extended Audience Experience.

Events are not limited to South Australians alone. Anyone with an internet connection and a passion for writing is encouraged to participate.

Made possible with financial support from SAFC, the online workshops are another prime example of how we can use the internet to combat secondary issues posed by COVID-19.

“While our industry is feeling the impacts of COVID-19, it’s vital that we continue to nurture talent and foster innovation. SAFC is proud to be supporting the Story Hack program, which has been designed especially for South Australian writers seeking to enhance their screenwriting skills in interactive storytelling,” says Beth Neate, Head of Production and Development at SAFC.

All events are free, but participants interested in the two workshops (Interactive Narrative Design and Films/Games/VR/AR/Audio: Designing the Extended Audience Experience) must apply by 15 June, with successful applicants being notified by 19 June.

The event will run 26 – 30 June 2020. For more information and to register for the two workshops, head to their website.

By Louis McDonald