Adelaide arts icon, Andrew Petrusevics, has curated a brand-new exhibition at Adelaide’s newest artist-run gallery, Southwest Contemporary.

Inspired by ‘art at the drive-in’, The Video Show will feature 14 Adelaide-based artists who have created moving image artwork for a unique and free exhibition.

Andrew Petrusevics plucked the Adelaide artists from a range of practices.

“I was keen to invite artists to respond and share about this moment in time for them,” he says.

“We have artists in The Video Show from the world of ceramics, painting, performance and sound, creating for the video projection streetscape canvas.”

The perfect streetscape canvas, Andrew says he chose Southwest Contemporary for its brilliant street frontage.

“Southwest Contemporary presents as a perfect opportunity to continue providing new art to Adelaide, changing the space into a projection box, where the artwork can be viewed from the street on food, or from your car,” Andrew says.

Andrew Petrusevics is a contemporary visual artist, renowned for his various work with the Adelaide Fringe, ABC and Adelaide Festival.

The Video Show opened to the public Saturday 28 June and will run nightly through July.

Featured image is a still from Michael Rostig’s Thredony video.