Adelaide-based photographer Nat Rogers has introduced her latest project on YouTube, a series titled One Frame and it is set to challenge the way we view photography.

Twice a month, One Frame will feature photographers from across the world introducing an image they have created and explaining the story behind it.

The series will focus on the context of each artist’s chosen photograph and why that frame is special to them.

Nat created the project after she noticed the photographic conversation online frequently evaluated the technical side of a photographer’s images, rather than the story behind it.

“I think this challenges some traditional photography training, as it is giving worth to photos which may not be seen as traditionally well photographed,” she says.

“I find the stories behind photos so much more evocative, and I thought, I wonder what it’s like for other people and other photographers that I know.”

The first video of the series features an image (pictured above) by photographer Ryan Carter who currently works for not-for-profits in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Ryan’s image is a slick and nicely-shot photo, but Nat says there’s more to the frame than a well-photographed image.

“I wouldn’t know all of these things behind it for him [just by looking at it] and how it was such a powerful moment for him with his photography,” Nat says. “But the story behind it is really interesting, powerful and connected.”

Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 3.10.51 pm
‘I’m just interviewing photographers over Zoom during this time, maybe in the future it will be live!’ Nat says.

Nat hopes the series will inspire both beginners and passionate photographers to tell their stories freely.

“Most people use cameras every day, I find it a bit sad to discard that as though it isn’t worth anything. I think the story aspect is a way for people to connect with photography without feeling left out or excluded by the technical aspects,” she explains. “I hope it inspires them to feel like their work isn’t a good photo or a bad photo, it is a photo with a story.”

And as for Nat’s chosen One Frame series photograph, her image is one she took quite by accident.

Having just moved overseas, she went outside to take a photo of the sunrise on the first morning, but it came out blurred.

Initially she thought her camera was broken, but it turned out the difference between the air conditioner temperature inside and the outside humidity made the lens fog up.

“I’d never experienced that, but it felt for me like it was exactly like I was feeling,” she says. ‘’I was coming from one world into another, I had this massive adjustment to make and it was going to take time. That’s the only way to fix a lens fog: wait.”

Nat Rogers is an editorial and commercial photographer and teacher based in Adelaide. Her work has been published in publications such as Frankie Magazine, Qantas Magazine, InDaily, and many more.

You can stay up to date with Nat’s One Frame series by subscribing to her YouTube channel here.