With a massive two decades years in the biz, Adelaide’s very own Supernova are celebrating More! 20 Years of Supernova tonight at The Gov.

Doors open at 8pm for this epic gig, which will be following all the Covid-19 rules and regulations for your safety and listening pleasure.

Long-standing director and sax player Frank Althuizen is looking forward to hitting the stage with the bandmates and professionals he loves performing with.

“The good thing is, there’s no ego here,” he says. “No one is here to one-up each other; we all just want to make music.”

Not only has the group covered large tribute sections in a lot of their works (think Toto, Earth Wind & Fire, Steely Dan and Chicago, to name a few), they also incorporate a lot of basics when it comes to the scene of jazz, funk, rock, pop and soul.

And why wouldn’t they? With a string of musicians and vocalists at hand, the flexibility to play how and what they like seems to be the secret to success when it comes to performing together.

And although we are in the midst of a pandemic, Frank doesn’t seem to be put-off.

“It’s strange to play to a smaller, sitting audience, but even then, as long as we perform well and for each other, we will be ok. It’s for the love of the music,” he says.

Boasting a mixed vocal selection, as well as a thriving rhythm and renowned horn section, the evolution of Supernova over the past twenty years has been one for the books.

“We actually started off with more people than we have now … and still it changes up to keep things fresh. Sometimes we get guests in from interstate; some of the best musicians of Australia have played with us,” Frank says.

And this time around, Supernova will have special guest vocalists Samantha Vanua and Heidi Rilstone, something that Frank is excited about, even though he will be losing one of his key vocalists Lee Pfitzner to parenting duties.

“No one will sound like Lee, and that’s ok. Everyone brings in something new, something different, it’s great. We just keep going and evolving,” he says.

Recently releasing a new video covering Southern Sons classic; ‘Hold Me In Your Arms’ sung by Mat Noble, with Brett Stafford on guitar, Tim Bowen on bass and Sean Timms on keyboard, Supernova give a taste of the tributes to expect at tonight’s gig.

“People miss this era of music, and when you can’t travel to see the original performers and we provide that setting, the scene. Good music, good grooves,” Frank says.

Supernova cover Southern Sons’ ‘Hold Me In Your Arms’

“Although there are differences in the music, the voice, it’s still so amazing to make and listen to. This is a ‘musicians’ band’, this is why we are here.

While Covid-19 restrictions are in play at The Gov, Frank says this will just add to the vibe of the show.

“Some songs you want to sit down for and listen to. We have fans of all age-ranges who come to our shows, and we know it will still be an excellent night for all,” he says.

Supernova present More! 20 years of Supernova at The Gov, this Sunday 23 August 2020, from 8pm.

Get your tickets now.

By Kirra Hussey