One of Adelaide’s favourite live music venues Jive was finally able to open its doors to artists and audiences last month for the first time since April, but on one condition.

With COVID-19 restrictions still limiting local Adelaide venues, music-lovers found themselves watching from their seats as bands took to the stage. In order to welcome audiences in again, Jive and other live music venues must currently keep audiences seated as much as possible.

I was concerned with how the night would run maintaining a seated format. I imagined a sea of blank faces seated in front of the stage, watching lifelessly with their hands folded in their laps as distorted guitars blared from the stage and lights blinded their unblinking eyes.

However, the slightly unusual format certainly didn’t stop music lovers from getting in the groove. The bar was open, the lights were ablaze, and despite being seated, the crowd was full of energy. Unexpectedly, audience members were rocking and swinging from side to side in their seats and heads were banging just as much as they would be at any concert.

Four local bands filled the room with their sensational sounds, showcasing how Adelaide’s music had developed over the last few months without an opportunity to perform.

The key performing bands for the night consisted of Clover, Memory Castles, NO NO NO NO NO, and Nocturnal Animals.

Adelaide’s live music scene is still trying to find its footing, but that hasn’t prevented it from remaining as fun and exciting as it always has been. Although the format is unfamiliar for many avid concertgoers, it’s a new way for Adelaideans to enjoy local music once again until restrictions further ease.

Don’t let being glued to your seat prevent you from getting out and enjoying the talented artists Adelaide has to offer.

Give seated live music a chance and get along to a concert near you.

By Joshua Vivian