DEAD REGULARS RELEASE DEBUT SINGLE: a song about love and ScoMo recorded by Upside Sound

Adelaide garage blues outfit, the Dead Regulars have decided there is no better time to release their debut single than in the middle of a federal election campaign – particularly with a song inspired by Scott Morrison, recorded recently at Vault 134 by Upside Sound.

“Despite the title, ’Feel Like Love’ is no love song,” explains songwriter Matt Trainor. “It’s about Scott Morrison and others like him, who are happy to quote the Bible and talk about prayers, but then show no sign of compassion or empathy.

“So, while it’s a super fun song to play, there’s a political theme exploring this kind of hypocrisy in politics.”

But the song had a very different beginning, initially taking shape when Matt’s wife, Libby Parker, woke one morning and described the dream she just had.

“Libby was the fronting the Divinyls – which sounds like an amazing dream to have! I asked her to sing the song she was doing. I recorded it on my phone, and that became what’s now the coda of ‘Feel Like Love’.”

Libby also guests as a vocalist on the song alongside Matt and Lauren McAleer.

Musically, the song is a belting slice of seventies-inspired garage rock, starting with the simple, driving kick drum of Tina Donaldson and Dylby McCullough’s bass riff, before building to an explosive wall-of-sound finish.

“This might be a new song that we have never played live before, but it exemplifies the music we’ve been making since forming in pre-pandemic times and we’re excited to get it out there. We can’t wait to play it live – but with an election campaign on, we just wanted to release it straightaway. There’s no better time to be singing about ScoMo!”

‘Feel Like Love’ is available now to stream or download here.

Written by Matt Trainor and Libby Parker

Lauren McAleer – vocals

Tina Donaldson – drums

Matt Trainor – vocals, guitars, organ

Dylby McCullough – bass

Libby Parker – vocals

Produced and recorded by Upside Sound at Vault 134

Mastered by Martin Kano