Andy Roberts launch their debut album Finsbury Green

Andy Roberts is set to hit Grace Emily next week after Surviving Sharks.

And if this all seems a little too dramatic for a weekend venture, be assuaged because it’s simply an album launch at one of Adelaide’s favourite live music venues.

Andy Roberts is a band, not a person, but there are people in the band and they are Craig Lewis (vocals and guitar), Sean Kemp (drums) and Buck (bass guitar).

Supported by Surviving Sharks and These Blessed Bones, Andy Roberts will be celebrating the release of their first album, Finsbury Green.

Craig Lewis, whose experience in the music industry spans across two decades is looking forward to showcasing the band’s 90’s influenced, guitar-driven pop rock, with a dash of psychedelia.

“With this album, I’m looking forward to people hearing what I’ve been doing for the last five years. An album is a big thing for an artist or band. It gives you a starting point: a tangible product or piece of work to represent who you are as a songwriter,” he said.

Craig Lewis of Andy Roberts
Craig Lewis of Andy Roberts

Lewis’ experiences in the music industry have been varied and many and have brought him many successes, including a marriage.

“I started playing guitar pretty late. I was about 19 or 20; then in the early 90’s I formed a little two piece band with my friend, and we only played original songs because we hated cover bands!” he laughed.

“From that band, I met Kylie Cowling, and we started the band Kaleidoscope in about 1996 and got married in 1997. I formed Booster in 2004 when Kaleidoscope finished up. We did a fair bit of touring and released a variety of albums, EPs and singles, and I had a lot of fun,” he said.

Deciding his name was too boring to perform under, Lewis chose Andy Roberts for this next venture, as a tribute to his mum and a cricketer.

“Andy is my second name and Roberts is my mum’s maiden name. Andy Roberts was also a famous West Indian cricketer so there you have it,” he laughed.

Influenced by Hendrix, Jeff Buckley and many bands of the 90s, Lewis said debut album Finsbury Green has been a five year labour of love.

“I began recording the songs from Finsbury Green about five years ago. Essentially they are from three different periods of time, with slightly different players. I chose the ten songs that worked together and that I thought represented me best,” he said.

Lewis’ plan for Andy Roberts is to release three albums in close succession; the second almost completed with a single to be released early next year.

For now though, the first album is ready to launch at the Grace Emily Hotel on July 19 and tickets are free, so get along to support Adelaide’s live scene and this exciting new musical outfit.

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