Brutal Pixie offers open door sessions for specialist lawyers

WHAT:  Open door sessions for specialist lawyers
WHO:   Senior lawyers in Adelaide
WHY:    To help lawyers address content challenges of the 21st century
WHEN:  Four sessions per week – details below

Senior specialist lawyers who work in small– to medium-​sized firms (3−20 staff), are invited to participate in Brutal Pixie’s Open Door Sessions. These are free sessions designed to help them with content and communication challenges.

Getting your messages, communication, and systems right is a challenge. It is a very particular challenge for specialist lawyers who work in generalist firms, but who are specialists rather than generalists.

Think about your content and communications in the 21st century
How do you talk to the right people? Where are they? And how does your message resonate within the umbrella of the broad context of the firm? More importantly, how do you prioritise and “niche-​ify” your communication? Brutal Pixie‘s open doors are for you.

Brutal Pixie would like to offer you the opportunity of spending half an hour (or a series of half-​hours) with our founding Content Strategist. In that half-​hour, you can work on the particular content or communication challenges that you are facing right now. You might want guidance, information, references, or specific help.

You can also use the session as an ideas-​bouncing session. Perhaps you have had some great ideas, and don’t know where to start. Or, maybe you know where to start and need some motivation, information, or … something else, to get moving.

The areas the session covers are content creation, content curation, workflow, governance, risk, content lifecycle, brand messaging, audience considerations, and more.

Sessions are just 30 minutes, and don’t require travel.

The sessions we hold run for 30 minutes. We hold them by Skype, or Google Hangouts, or phone. There’s no need to carve out a chunk of your day to travel somewhere to try to get some feedback or assistance help.
When are the Open Door Sessions held?

Regular sessions times are Monday afternoons and early Friday mornings. Availability session bookings are at If those times don’t suit you, custom times are available.

Are Open Door Sessions free?

Yes. They are free of charge, free of obligation. There is no catch. It’s simple, old-​fashioned help. We love helping your communications work.

Story by Leticia Mooney, founder at Brutal Pixie.