7 Rooms SALA Exhibition opens this Friday at Port Adelaide

This week, the seventeenth SALA Festival opens to give us 547 art exhibitions and events featuring over 4,627 participating artists.

Down in Port Adelaide, art and culture are a constant, but this week, St Vincent Street will come alive to mark the opening of the 7 Rooms exhibition.

Seven businesses offer their rooms to exhibit art during the SALA Festival, and on Friday 1st August, there will be a street party to open the doors.

A handful of the St Vincent Street stores presenting works are Forge Creative Warehouse, Red Lime Shack, Poppy and the Wallflowers, Mayfair Bakery, and Honeybee Cycles.

Artists include Ned Bajic, Buttergirl, Sarah-Jane Cook, Branwen Davies, Steve Glass, Sue McKenzie, Steve O’Connor, Christian Oliver, Ben Shanahan and Lucy Thurley, Ben Hobbs, Peter Thompson, Mandy Glynn-Jones, Dani Mclean, Bev Puckeridge, Emily Kelly, Richard Kozuszko, Georgina Chadderton and Reb Rowe.

People will have the opportunity to buy original sculptures, ceramics, paintings, photos and drawing from a range of artists.

Contributing artist and one of the managers of The Forge Creative Warehouse said the exhibition is an exciting and unique experience.

“It started off as an exhibition I was running, and then I heard someone downstairs was running one on the same night; we checked up and there were a few others in the street doing it so we decided to do it together. The opening will be like a street party,” he said.

Port Adelaide has been upgrading, upstyling and becoming very cool, so get down to the 7 Rooms street party Friday 1st August from 6pm until 9pm to see what’s new at the Port.

7 Rooms street party Friday 1st August.
7 Rooms street party Friday 1st August.

Story by Libby Parker

Photo of ‘Caveman’ by Steve O’Connor