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The Upside News’ on-location reporter Daisy Sumersford rates some of the best alternative clubbing venues for late night revellers who aren’t into the more mainstream night spots of our fair city.

Adelaide’s mainstream party scene with its HQs and Red Squares is certainly not for everyone.Whether it be the ‘doof-doof’ music, the long lines, the expensive entry fees, the overpriced drinks or the crowd you dislike, there are alternatives for those who consider themselves…well, a bit alternative. Before jumping on the next flight out to Melbourne, perhaps try some of the venues on my list of Alternative party spots in Adelaide.

Supermild Lounge Bar is a well known hipster hot-spot and Adelaide’s answer to alternative forms of “clubbing”.

Supermild’s barely-there, rouge lighting, newly renovated beer garden and “underground” vibe give it a personality and atmosphere that you won’t find at your typical dive bar.

Photo from Supermild's Facebook page
Photo from Supermild’s Facebook page

Saturday nights at Supermild are best spent on the cosily-cramped dance floor swinging to groovy retro hits from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. On Fridays, you’ll find yourself dancing to the beat of a different tune with a heavy hip-hop and R’n’B playlist. Good news for those wondering where the old Elysium Lounge went as it appears that on Fridays, it’s now next door!

While Supermild is best experienced as a late night venue, you may want to get there a little earlier if you want to avoid the queues – and with the new 3am lockout you don’t want to miss out.

Supermild is at 182B Hindley Street Adelaide, South Australia
It’s open:
Thursday: 9:00pm –3:00am                                                                       Friday: 9:00pm – 5:00am
Saturday: 9:00pm – 5:00am
Cover charge: $5

Jive is one of Adelaide’s best venues to hear live music and your favourite indie/alterative tracks spun by resident DJ Craig, especially Saturday nights at Gosh! At very few Adelaide venues can you dance to contemporary tracks by bands like The Arctic Monkeys, Kings of Leon, Kasabian and The Strokes. On the first Saturday of every month, DiG 60s nights get the punters jiving with classics from the likes of Bowie, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles.

Photo from Jive's Facebook page.
Photo from Jive’s Facebook page.

Serving as a live music venue until 11:30pm, you can often get tickets at the door to see some of your favourite local, interstate and international bands rip up the stage at Jive before the DJ starts to spin.

While you may find yourself peeling your feet off Jive’s sometimes sticky floors and avoiding its long bathroom line-ups, there’s always room to dance there as the entire venue acts as one big dance floor!

While Supermild has its funky lounge feel and groovy beer garden allowing you the choice between chatting or dancing, at Jive – with its lack of unoccupied floor space and absent beer garden – you’re either there to boogie or not at all!

Jive is at 181 Hindley Street, Adelaide
It’s open Saturday night and any night of the week if there’s a gig! Saturday opening hours: 11:30pm (after the band plays) until 3:00am.
Cover charge: $5
Tickets to gigs at Jive can be purchased from the door or grab the info on the Jive website

Punk Ass Kids
Punk Ass Kids – dubbing itself as “an exercise in rock and roll” – is on the first and third Wednesday of every month, making it Adelaide’s leading mid-week party venue when scoping an alternative scene.

What makes Punk Ass Kids an interesting addition to the list is that it’s located at Rocket Rooftop Bar, which many may know is usually an electro-dance club not unlike Red Square!

Photo from Punk Ass Kids Facebook page.
Photo from Punk Ass Kids Facebook page.

Punk Ass Kids often throws fun, themed parties such as “Wayne’s World” where punters come dressed in ‘flannies’ and bad wigs while Bohemian Rhapsody plays on endless repeat, and boasts other attractions such as air-guitar contests, tailored drink menus and live bands!

Punk Ass Kids is said to be a ‘must regular’ place if you live in Adelaide and own a leather jacket and/or a Rolling Stones album.

Punk Ass Kids is at: Rocket Bar/Rooftop 142 Hindley Street Adelaide
It’s open on the first and third Wednesday of every month 8:00pm – 3am
Cover charge: $7… or if you’re on a guestlist it’s $5.. or if you repost their poster on facebook or instagram with the hashtag #followthePAK you get $5 entry

Ancient World
Ancient World originally appeared as a “pop-up venue” during the Adelaide Fringe Festival but has recently re-opened and is here to stay.

The word on Facebook is that it is a “true contender amongst Adelaide’s other competing alternative venues” so, of course, Ancient World had to make the list.

Photo from Renew Adelaide website.
Photo from Renew Adelaide website.

This artist-run venue supported by Renew Adelaide has all the makings of a new hotspot for Adelaide’s art students and art groupies. AW hosts not just live music but also mini exhibitions, shows and lectures. Upcoming events are Dr. Carla Litchfield’s “intimate evening” discussing the sex life of great apes, and Australian invertebrate expert, Dr. Alan Yen’s discussion on insects in the human diet!

There’s only one problem when it comes to Ancient World however…that’s finding it.

Located down the alleyway next to ‘Snag in a Bag’, it’s all a little mysterious, however, the difficulty in finding it adds to its trendy mystique, making it seem all the more intimate and exclusive.

Ancient World is at (or near):116a Hindley Street, Adelaide
Open: Friday and Saturday 12pm – late
Cover charge: $0

Story by Daisy Sumersford

Photos from various sources

Feature photo courtesy of Daisy Sumersford