The tax men hit Parramatta in a highly irregular show of talent

If you’re in Sydney on Friday night and looking for some great live music from the 60s up until now, head to the Parramatta Golf Club.

The band is HIE (Highly Irregular Experience). They play hard, they have fun, and then they do the tax.

Well, the tax bit may not be strictly correct but the band are made up of employees of the Australian Tax Office (ATO) past and present.

HIE play for fun and to make people dance. They’re there to rock, not to audit and they take requests (not bribes though).

Head along to the Parramatta Golf Club Friday 8th August at 6pm for good times, great music and maybe some financial advice (note: financial advice will not be available).

Highly Irregular Experience.
Highly Irregular Experience.


Story by Libby Parker

Photos courtesy of Phillip Parker, Drummer in HIE