Are you a teen, parent of a teen or a teacher of teens in Adelaide? Are those said teens interested in journalism or learning how to become a better writer from experienced journalists? They are? Then the SA Writers’ Centre holiday workshops will be just the thing.

A three day series of workshops is being offered on Creating the Best Blog, How to Interview Like a Journalist, 12 Reasons Why Journalism Will Change Your Life, Writing Reviews, Autobiography and more.

Bookings can be made via the website or by emailing or phoning 08 8223 7662 during opening hours.


Creating the Best Blog
9.30am -12:30pm
with Louise Pascale

Blogging is the perfect easy way to self-publish online and it’s a great way for emerging writers to establish themselves online and show off their work. There is an art to blogging as they come in all shapes and forms. However often the biggest hurdle to blogging is just starting it. We kick off the three day program by designing and building our boot camp blog that we’ll be publishing on all week.

12 Reasons Why Journalism Will Change Your Life
1.30pm – 4.30pm
with Mikey Nicholson
Between going viral, RTs, clickbait, the correct pronounciation of gif and ALWAYS avoiding the comments section…digital journalism is a jungle out there. The best way to get started is by sticking to what you know and taking the plunge by putting it out there for all to read. It’s scary, but exhilarating when you nail content that makes you proud. Get ready to hit submit!

How to Interview Like a Journalist
9.30am -12:30pm
with Louise Heinrich
How do you get stories that matter? Journalists need to hit the streets and meet real people in order to get gritty and fascinating stories. It can be a hard road to get strangers to reveal their truths, but it’s all in a day’s work for a journo. From research to body language, Lou will give you the down low on asking the right questions. What can you expect? A couple of weird videos, a zillion examples, and the chance to escape your comfort zone.

Autobiography: everyone has a story
1.30pm – 4.30pm
with David Chapple
Now that you’ve written someone else’s story its time to write a story about yourself. This is your chance to either tell it like it is or to creatively bend the truth. But remember – the truth is almost always stranger than fiction!

Writing Reviews: an introduction
9.30am -12:30pm
with Ben Brooker

Have you ever seen a play, read a book, or been to a movie you have loved or loathed? Ever wanted to tell the world about it? In this workshop you will get to do just that through exploring what it takes to write a review that other people will want to read. Everybody seems to have an opinion these days – this workshop will equip you with everything you need to make yours stand out!

Your Turn!
1.30pm – 4.30pm
with Louise Pascale
You have spent the past week uploading and maintaining a WordPress blog for the boot camp now it is time to make your own. Louise returns to help you all set up your own blogs, fill it with content and become your own publisher.

Participants are asked to bring a mobile device to work on – a laptop is preferred but a tablet or smartphone is adequate. If you don’t have any of these the Centre will have two laptops available for shared usage.

COST: $270 per person, includes lunch each day. Bookings close 4pm, 25 September 2014.
PHONE: 08 8223 7662
IN PERSON: Level 2, 187 Rundle St, Adelaide
The SA Writers’ Centre is open Tuesday to Thursday from 10am – 5pm.
All program details are correct at publication, but details can change. Please check the website for updates. Registered participants will be contacted directly if there are any course changes. There are no refunds on workshop fees. See website for full terms and conditions.