It seems as though everything is happening in Adelaide this Labour Day long weekend and being spoilt for choice is quite a nice predicament to be in.

A far cry from the ‘boring old Adelaide’ reputation we (sometimes deservedly) have, this weekend has seen Semaphore Music Festival celebrate its tenth year, the beloved footy SlowDown is on, new music festival Follow the Sun launched in Glenelg and Air Asia AsiaFest took its maiden voyage at Rymill Park.

A unique festival set around Rymill Park Lake, AsiaFest has all the makings of an annual festival that could stand the test of time.

Music, food, entertainment, a playground for the kids, paddle boats, bars, and, what we’re all craving in a festival: affordability.

Offering fare from more than 20 of the state’s favourite Asian eateries, there is quality, plenty of variety, and the prices are very reasonable so sampling cuisine from each of the countries being showcased is not totally out of the question.

The set up is several mini festivals within the one large festival. You can visit Vietnam, Korea, China, Thailand and Japan, be greeted at the gate and have your passport stamped to go and enjoy the food, drink and entertainment the country has to offer.

Sumo Wrestling, tea ceremonies, marital arts, dance, music and fashion are just some of the entertainment on offer as you wander from country to country.

And in the middle, is The Melting Pot, which is, as the name suggests, a blend of different cultures featuring Miss Lee’s Laundry and Bar.

Miss Lee’s is where it’s at, with washing machines you can lean against to enjoy a drink while being entertained by music late into the night – after you’ve sampled Miss Lee’s fun buns of course.

An incredibly well organised and and well equipped festival, AsiaFest is worth a look this weekend if you’re seeking a laid back ‘Garden of Unearthly Delights’ kind of festival feel.

It’ll cost you to get in, but only $10, or it’s free if you’ve already bought a ticket to the Sumo Wrestling. If you haven’t been able to get a ticket to the wrestling, that’s ok, just join the fun in Japan by slipping into a Sumo suit and challenging a friend (or enemy) to a wrestle.

Air Asia AsiaFest is on:


SAT 4th OCT – 12noon till late

SUN 5th OCT – 12noon till late

MON 6th OCT – 12noon till late

More information at the website.