Rock happens at Northern Exposure.
Rock happens at Northern Exposure.

From 16th October, SA’s Bridgeway Hotel at Pooraka will be showing five original bands every Thursday night for only $10.

Tanya Begg and Mike Trandafil of Focus Promotions, who have been keen consumers of live music since the 80s want to exhume the original live rock scene they say has been buried too long.

Responding to complaints from bands saying there are very few live venues left to play original music, Begg and Trandafil met with the Bridgeway to form a partnership and bring back original rock.

“The SA music scene has not done itself too many favours over the last few decades. The responsibility for this can be equally shared between the promoters, venues, punters and the bands,” Begg said.

“Venues consistently put money into playing cover bands, promoters consistently book cover bands to play three set shows, punters don’t venture out very often and when they do they don’t support original bands. As for the bands, they either cater to this or hide away playing their originals in rehearsal rooms. How are we ever going to get the next AC/DC, Angels, Divinyls, Cold Chisel, Rose Tattoo or Screaming Jets if we don’t start supporting the bands that are trying to do this?”

Focus Promotions began as a photography business which branched into promotion once the pair realised there was a gap in the live music market that needed a revival.

“Our vision is to set up an environment where the bands, venues and promoters work together to build a sustainable music scene, not just a couple of shows here and there. It has become a dream come true to work with the Bridgeway Hotel,” Begg said.

Northern Exposure will encompass a broad range of genres and each night will see five bands perform on one of the biggest stages in Adelaide, with professional sound and lighting by Novatech.

“This venue was the premier live venue for bands in Adelaide for years. The stage, sound and lighting are first class. Hopefully the bands will use this opportunity and support one another in these shows and the punters will support it. If this happens other venues may follow suit and this can only be good for the industry as a whole.”

“We are hoping people will come for a few drinks after work, check out some bands and hang out with other musos. The first show had members of local acts Matterhorn, Roadhaul, Izera and Calibre in attendance even though they weren’t playing. With support like that I am encouraged that we can resurrect the local scene again,” Begg said.

Northern Exposure starts this week so go north for great original rock and keep posted by visiting their Facebook page.