Dive into a new app for deep sea enthusiasts.
Dive into a new app for deep sea enthusiasts.

Imagine an app that replaces your scuba diving logbook, lets you look up data on exotic fish, allows you to find, rate and share great dive sites, and is completely free.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well the good folks at Scuba Dive Share have made it a reality and it’s available now.

Designed in Malaysia and nurtured in Honduras, Scuba Dive Share is the brainchild of Chuong Van Dang who formed a team with Ewa Wysocka and Robert Gilliland to create the app, with help from an extended group of dive friends.

But while the innovation for users to have loads of dive data at their fingertips is exciting on its own, Adelaide born Robert Gilliland said the idea down the track is to explore all kinds of niche tourism.

“Eventually we’ll want Scuba Dive Share, Safari Share, Snow Share, Surf Share and Adventure Share. We’ll have all the niche sports and the end result will be a ‘discover, pay and do it today’ model.”

“We’ve replaced the logbook with Scuba Dive Share, and moving forward, people can start rating things. Further down the track, users will have the ability to find the best possible dive location near them and book it in their app from start to finish,” Gilliland says.

Because scuba is a niche activity split into many niche passions – some divers love wrecks while others love muck diving and nudibranchs – Scuba Dive Share have categorised the dives on the app to give users greater ability to interpret ratings.

The team: Robert, Chuong, Ewa (and Steph).
The team: Robert, Chuong, Ewa (and Steph).

The team, who are all keen divers, have dedicated themselves to developing the app to be the best resource for both serious and recreational divers, while making sure it will never cost users a cent.

“The app will always be free for users,” Gilliland says. “The way we hope to make money down the track is with vendors. When you want to book it or when a vendor wants to reach you, they will have enhanced ability to access the user base.”

“We’ve already listed plenty of dive shops and we haven’t charged those shops to be listed, but for direct links to those dive shops we’ll ask a minimal subscription from vendors. But for the diver, there will never be a cost.”

Gilliland, a diving enthusiast said his best ever dive was a Japanese supply ship sunk by the US in 1945 in The Philippines, where the water was so crystal clear, he felt like he was base jumping through the wreckage.

He wants fellow divers to be able to share these sorts of experiences with each other so Scuba Dive Share have already geo-tagged locations on the app to get the ball rolling.

“Within the app, we have hundreds of marine animals listed with high definition photos and explanations. We’ve also geo-tagged dive locations around the world which users can also geo-tag,” he says.

The app also has the potential to improve the dive experience and dive industry on many levels and the Scuba Dive Share team are continually working on ways to improve their innovation.

Creating a more intimate link between divers and dive masters, the app can give safe and dedicated instructors the rating and reward they deserve, while forcing shady or unsafe operations to clean up their act.

“The app will allow users to rate the dive shop and rate the dive for different categories which will allow them to search through the sorts of dives they like to find,” Gilliland says.

“We believe this will have a positive effect on the industry in general because it will encourage best practice. At the moment, you’ve only got the dive shop’s word for it, but eventually with the users’ help, we’ll have huge amounts of data so great dive masters and great dive instructors will be recognised for being exceptional, and the ones who aren’t so good will be noted.”

Scuba Dive Share can be downloaded now from your app store or by visiting the Scuba Dive Share website.

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Story by Libby Parker