This week’s feature school band is Atilla My Honey, a seven-piece band with a refreshing sound and a big ambition.

With Matt Ricci on guitar and vocals, Angus Lumsden on Percussion, Albert Rasheed on guitar, Ella Ion on guitar and vocals, Sophie Tippett on bass, Will Rieger on drums and Frank Giles on just about everything, Atilla My Honey’s large lineup matches their large sound.

Vocalist and guitarist Matt Ricci from St Peter’s College says this incredibly driven band have been together about a year.

“Frank and I started playing together in a spare practice room at our school around November last year. Thanks to The Weekday Wolves we were hooked up with Marty Lee who leads the band Evil Face.

band 2 -2“He asked if we wanted to support his band. We did not have a band or songs so I started messaging friends who played an instrument and who I could tolerate,” he says.

Despite a rather unique beginning, Atilla My Honey have since been playing gigs and recording their original music.

“We played at a private party for Halloween; surprisingly it went very well,” Ricci says. “The recording situation in the past has been Frank or myself making demos in our respective bedrooms. Just recently, though, we have pooled together money in order to build a functional studio.”

While many school-aged bands rely on the loudest, most rebellious rock their defiant ears can find as their influence, these youngsters have taken their inspiration from noteworthy rock of old, new and in between.

“Major influences that have affected our songs have been early Rolling Stones, Brian Jonestown Massacre, 13th Floor Elevators and the Pixies. The 90’s and 60’s have heavily impacted our sound,” Ricci says.

The band, who plan to release two full length LPs before winter 2015, are playing with Evil Face and Mess at the Producers Bar on the 28th of November.

Check them out and like them on Facebook. They’ll be one to watch.

By Libby Parker

Photos courtesy of Matt Ricci

*Originally published in the print edition of BSide Magazine