1959620_731037560314062_6352060796605752054_nSydney band, Bloods (pictured above), will be tearing a hole in the stage at The Ed Castle tonight giving Adelaide a taste of their garage pop.

Over the past two weeks, the three-piece band have been touring their album Work it Out; a tour which finishes in Perth tomorrow.

Adelaide band, The Pits.
Adelaide band, The Pits.

Adelaide favourites The Pits and Surviving Sharks will be supporting, and entry is free so ‘saving money for Christmas’ is no excuse not to party.

Adelaide's Surviving Sharks (handsome chaps they are) start at 9:30.
Adelaide’s Surviving Sharks (handsome chaps they are) start at 9:30.

The first band starts at 9:30pm so get along and check out Bloods; made up of Dirk, the drummer who’s actually a guitarist, MC, the guitarist who’s a bass player and Sweetie, the bassist, who is a violinist.

Also, The Pits, and Surviving Sharks who are famous for providing the soundtrack for a cracking good night.

Start your silly season with some great music and good friends in an excellent venue.