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This Saturday, Adelaide band Squeaker will launch their brand new album In Love/In Madness at the Crown and Sceptre.

This is the first full length recording from the four piece band, fronted by Georgii, accompanied by Rodge (guitar), Steve (drums/programming) and O.G. (bass), since six track EP Fly Baby Fly in 2011.

Drummer Steve, who produced the majority of the album, says this record has been quite DSC_0191_1 (1)cathartic for him as it is inspired by some dark times in his life.

“We wrote the contents of this album over a five year period, much of which has been part of our live set for a while, with a few new, unheard tracks. It was really necessary to get some closure on these songs and record them to be able to get them out to the world. It’s taken a while because we’ve never really stopped all other activities to focus on getting it done in a short timeframe,” he says.

“Apart from the drums being recorded at Fat Trax and Chapel Lane, all other elements were recorded, mixed and produced by myself. As for the inspiration, the title In Love/In Madness is really it. It was inspired by the darkest parts of my life and the best parts of my life that helped me push through it all. I’m so grateful to my bandmates for being a part of this expression.”

Fans of Squeaker’s debut EP Fly Baby Fly will enjoy the band’s signature guitar driven grooves and industrial, synthesised texture on In Love/In Madness, but with lyrics that are perhaps more candid than previous recordings.

“I think it’s lyrically far more honest and sonically broader. After Fly Baby Fly Georgii encouraged me to open up more in my lyrics. She’d read my new material and felt that people would identify with it,” Steve says.

“With the help of Rodge and O.G’s creative minds I think our songs have more variety in both the sound palette and in style. So I think In Love/In Madness has a good amount of dynamics and variety.”

And the honesty and dynamics have paid off, with the first single ‘Circles’ receiving a positive reaction at home as well as abroad, with the band recently being signed with US management.

“The reaction so far has been great – people have responded really positively to our first single ‘Circles’. That song also got us signed with US management and licensing, and to Adelaide’s own JL Music Publishing. That’s a cracking start in my mind,” Steve says.

DSC_0299_4 (1)“You write music partly as a personal, creative need and partly to share it and be heard. I’m looking forward to [the new album] being heard by a wide range of people and countries and seeing if people feel the way I do about things. We love to feel that we have some common ground with our audience.”

The band, who have been together since 2002, with OG joining in 2011, have chosen the Crown and Sceptre to launch In Love/In Madness, which Steve loves for its ambiance.

“Before the Crown and Sceptre closed for a while, we had a show booked there; the week before it closed, actually. When I heard that it had reopened, I wanted to finish the unfinished business! I always loved it for its size and atmosphere. I really like the new owner too, he’s doing great things,” he says.

Joined by local bands The Serra and Dirt Playground to celebrate the launch, Squeaker will also be supported by Alithia from Victoria.

“Alithia – Astral Space Core! One of the members approached me about joining the bill in exchange for a Melbourne show. I knew him as the promoter of a tour when we supported Austrian band Mother’s Cake in Adelaide. I had a listen and really liked Alithia’s music. It’s atmospheric with interesting composition and time signatures. I think the audience will really like what they’ll bring to the night,” Steve says.

With a great line-up on the night and an exciting future ahead of them beyond the launch, Squeaker are set to make some noise in the music industry.

In Love/In Madness showcases a band with skill and passion with a range of great tracks, including a seven minute epic called ‘Embers’, which Steve says is his favourite on the album.

“It’s a song I wrote about depression and the unexplainable feeling of loneliness that accompanies it; it’s something I got help for and still deal with from time to time. I wrote the music and the chorus but couldn’t find the words to complete it,” he says.

“Rodge co-wrote it with me and found the words for the verses to express what I couldn’t for whatever reason. I think it’s a song written from a place of 100% understanding and doesn’t offer a band aid solution or sympathy. Given that it’s over seven minutes long I’m not sure how much airplay it will ever get, but I do hope its sentiment gets heard the most.”

As well as co-writing ‘Embers’, Rodge created the strikingly poignant album artwork.

“He’s one of the most creative minds I know,” Steve says. “When we were discussing the artwork concept we agreed that there had to be polarized elements – Love/Sadness, Safety/Danger, you know. So two lovers in an embrace under a raging sea is what he came up with. We love it.”

In Love/In Madness launches on Saturday 21st of March at Crown and Sceptre, 8pm.

Tickets are $10.

By Libby Parker

Photos courtesy of Squeaker