Melbourne band Pearls have recently premiered the new video the title track of their new debut Pretend You’re Mine.

 817f6fbb-1563-4c1c-8aab-29870cf77846Pretend You’re Mine was released worldwide in February 2015 via Dot Dash / Remote Control Records and is a tribute to the success they have encountered in their short four year lifetime.

Forming in 2011, three-piece Pearls have supported the likes of Kurt Vile, Marnie Stern, Sons & Daughters, and a myriad of local bands including Crime and City Solution, Sunbeam Sound Machine, Total Control & New War.

In 2013 Pearls released a split 7” on Glaswegian label RE:PEATER Records, and their self-titled debut EP was full of reverb-drenched, ethereal vocals and a hefty dose of beautiful noise.

Watch the clip for ‘Pretend You’re Mine’

 Cassandra Kiely (vocals/keyboard) says the clip was inspired by the sleazy seventies and a throbbing hangover.

c9d3c693-1252-428b-8c73-032b4050ae89“The first spark of inspiration for the clip came by way of a hazy hangover, with the girls watching the Marc Bolan TV show in bed after a night out. It was the perfect comedown, Bolan in his bright pink satin suit, struttin around singing ‘Ride A White Swan’. The ladies adored the visuals and wanted to replicate that kind of sleazy, 70’s, tongue in cheek feel,” she says.

“The boys agreed and thus, the concept was put to Nicky White; director and close friend of the band. Nicky loved the idea of making a set in homage to the show and we roped in a bunch of darlings to help make it happen. Alden Epp stars in the clip as our band’s mascot, the Pearls’ angel glitter baby!” she continues.

“Nicky really did the rest, he ran wild with the concept and we are so happy with how it turned out. If you look closely you can see a white swan. It’s our little ode to the wizard of glam, he ain’t no square with his corkscrew hair, the one and only Marc Bolan!”