Unfriended, directed by Leo Gabriadze presents a new age approach to the horror genre.

The story begins with a teenage girl named Laura Barnes (Heather Sossaman) who, after a video of herself goes viral on the internet, commits a gruesome and extremely public suicide.

On the anniversary of Laura’s death, Laura’s supposed ‘friends’ including the likes of nice girl Blaire (Shelley Hennig), Blaire’s nice guy boyfriend Mitch (Moses Jacob Storm), bad tempered Adam (Will Peltz), technology savvy Ken (Jacob Mysocki), airhead Jess (Renee Olstead) and nasty girl Val (Courtney Halverson) all gather for their nightly Skype chat.

The conversation starts off innocently enough until the group realise an unidentified person has joined the chat.

This digital ‘troll’ who introduces themself as the ghost of Laura Barnes has plenty in store for these teenagers as the night takes a terrifying turn from a simple Skype chat into a sadistic game where the teens’ deepest, darkest secrets are put on show.

This film best represents everything that our teenage generation is using in way of technology and brings forward a new way of exploring horror on our screens.

sddefaultDirector Leo Gabriadze presents his creation entirely through Blaire’s computer screen, giving viewers a sense of reality and the chance to really experience everything as the characters do.

The content tries its very best to bring horror alive through a computer screen; including a few clever scares here and there, however the format of the film does eventually wear you down and you find yourself becoming annoyed -as you would on your own computer- with the glitches, lagging typing and changing windows.

All in all, the presence of so much technology and social media will prove a problem for older generations as the social media and acronyms used by today’s youth are seen throughout the film.

That being said, Unfriended will appeal primarily to those teens who are involved in the online social jungle in reality today.

By Mel Cryer