Melbourne theatrical rock band Triumph Over Logic are returning in June following the success of their January tour of Adelaide earlier this year.

Playing June 4th at Bridgeway Hotel and June 6th at Producers Bar, the three-piece will be bringing their comic book and rock and roll stage show to town, and there are certain to be a few surprises!

TOL3Drummer Sunny Dial says she, bassist and front-man Siessi, and guitarist Fun Police had such a good time here in January, they couldn’t wait to return.

“Because we have a brand new stage show and because of how successful the tour was in January, we thought we’d better come back as soon as possible!” she laughs.

“We played three shows; at The Bridgeway, which was awesome, Rhino Room and The Cavern Club. It was really good because we worked with Focus Promotions and they made things awesome for us. They helped us with a lot of interviews and promotions, so when we got there, we already had a name just from the promotion!”

Taking cues from Kiss and Muse, Sunny says the Triumph Over Logic is a stage show to behold.

“We play through the whole album; so we play 12 tracks and, in between songs, we have a narrative – we have voice overs telling a story. It’s quite unique. Our songs tell a story too,” she says.

“In this show, we are based in a video game and attempt to defeat an arch enemy. Our show has a narrative and we perform to bring the story to life. Our songs are part of the story and we get the crowd involved into the show to take them away from reality and into the game.”

TOL1While playing through their entire first album, Soundtrack to Life, the band intend to bring up an unsuspecting audience member and give them a part in the performance.

“We are having more crowd participation this time, but it’s a crowd member who doesn’t know. People can expect to be really taken away from reality. Also we’ll be giving away graphic novels at the show – like a comic book. It’ll be the script and story of the show in the book. We’re doing the book ourselves,” Sunny says.

Following the release of their self-titled EP in 2012, Triumph Over Logic dropped their debut album Soundtrack to Life last year.

The album was recorded in a secluded cabin in Victoria’s High Country and so far, Sunny says the response has been entirely favourable.

TOL2“A lot of people are saying it’s an album they can really relate to. It’s really appealed to middle aged people. It’s an album that really makes people feel something. It’s about love but there’s no love songs! It was all self-recorded, mixed and produced and we all wrote the songs together,” she says.

Having also released the video to single ‘Dark Star’, Triumph Over Logic are working towards sharing more of their work with their fans, and getting creative with it.

“The ‘Dark Star’ clip was fun,” Sunny says. “That was our first recording as a three-piece. We don’t really talk about when we were a four-piece because we weren’t as theatrical then.”

“‘Dark Star’ is really spacey and about going to space, but it’s more about reaching your goals. We wanted to have, not so much a theatrical theme, but more humour and fun in this. We’re hoping for the next music video to be about the stage show.”

And the band are setting some solid goals of their own, as Sunny says; they are setting their sights high.

“We are focusing on playing shows and getting the album out there as much as possible. We’re concentrating on reaching to the next level; looking for management, booking tours and doing what we can,” she says.

You can catch Triumph Over Logic at Playing June 4th at Bridgeway Hotel and June 6th at Producers Bar.

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By Libby Parker

Photos by Triumph Over Logic