Yung Gemmy is a young rapper writing her own music for the underground hip hop scene.

Hailing from Adelaide’s west, the 16 year old is currently studying year 11.

This unique young woman not only writes and performs her own music, but she also collaborates with, and writes for, other artists.

Having been a musician for many years, Yung Gemmy says she only recently started to share her work.

IMG_3105[1]“I’ve always made music. In primary school, I used to go on Garage Band and make stuff. But just last year in December, I made the first song I actually uploaded, which was called ‘John Cena’,” she says.

Having initially started her music career making beats, Yung Gemmy made a smooth transition into rapping, based on feedback from friends.

“I have a lot of internet friends who all rap. I originally just made beats for them, but one day I uploaded a freestyle video and everyone said, ‘Oh Gemmy, you should start rapping!’ So I got a mic and I made my first song and it got more plays than I expected on Soundcloud,” she laughs.

Since then, she has uploaded more of her own songs on Soundcloud and started collaborating with some of her Internet idols.

“I work by myself but I also work with friends on the Internet from America. I’m currently working on a collaboration with a girl online and I’m making the beat. I used to listen to her a lot before I started making music and now she wants to collaborate with me! It’s just so cool,” she says.

Yung Gemmy is as cool as she is enthusiastic about her music and is committed to making some noise in the underground scene.

“I don’t want to be heaps well known or famous; I just want to be underground. I have so many goals, but mainly I just want to be happy with my music. I want to be able to make music that I like,” she says.

“I did one gig. It was really small. There were about 100 people there but it felt like a lot less. It was fun and I’m trying to find more gigs but it’s kind of hard for my age, in this genre, in the city.”

Being a female in hip hop is a rarity and could be seen as a challenge, but it doesn’t faze Yung Gemmy who sees the positive in it.

“There aren’t many females in rap but the ones who are get a lot of attention,” she muses. “Look at Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea – they get a lot of attention in comparison to males in hip hop. I feel like we get it easier.”

Citing an eclectic range of influences from Lil B “The Based God” through to Kreayshawn and Kyary Pamyu, Yung Gemmy is inspired to write about life, her troubles and her thoughts.

“I write about anything that comes to mind. I’ve written a lot of things just to let off steam; I don’t plan on releasing it but it might become something in the future,” she says.

Yung Gemmy’s work is available on Soundcloud but she is thinking about recording an EP some time in the near future.

“I was originally going to drop an EP called URL to IRL but there were too many tracks, so I decided I’d make a mixed tape. Recently I wrote something and I said ‘internet princess’ in it and everyone said that should be my mixed tape name. So I thought I’d call this one Internet Princess and the next one Internet Queen and keep getting greater and greater!” she laughs.

Let’s hope Yung Gemmy makes Internet Princess soon and long may she reign; hip hop could use a creative, original, gutsy young woman like this one.

By Libby Parker

Photo supplied