Sixteen-year-old singer/song writer Claire Morphett has recently performed in this year’s Adelaide Cabaret Festival, and now the year 11 student from Wilderness School now a whole new set of goals to fulfill.

Class of Cabaret is a six month program where young people audition, and, if successful, spend six months being mentored by cabaret experts before taking to the stage in front of a live audience.

10404192_10153366258843879_2828295810906597164_nAn ambitious performer, Claire chose not to sing a cover song, like many other Class of Cabaret cast-mates, instead choosing to write and perform an original song.

Claire says her cabaret experience opened her up to a whole new world of music.

“It was so good; a really cool experience. We got to meet some really cool people. We worked with Matthew Carey, Michael Griffiths and Amelia Ryan. It was really exciting,” she says.

“I hadn’t had much cabaret experience before, so I really learned a lot about that style as a genre of theatre and performance.”

A self-taught song writer, Claire wrote the song, ‘Don’t Wanna’ for the Cabaret Festival, but is keen to write more.

“I do a bit of song writing. I’ve written a few. I’m releasing the song I sang for Class of Cabaret, so that’s really exciting. I haven’t really been taught how to song-write, I have just picked it up myself. I’ve done a bit of song writing at school in other styles, rather than pop. I wrote a sonata at school; but nobody’s taught me how to do the pop side of writing,” she says.

“I write about various things. The song I wrote for Cabaret was about a friend of mine who was quite negative, so I was trying to put a positive spin on that.”

11430110_10153366258758879_8040480233776354301_n Claire began her career in music at a young age and moved through different styles of singing until she settled on pop, with a twist.

“I started off singing, and then when I was about seven, I started taking lessons. Then I got into musical theatre for a while. I don’t do much musical theatre anymore; I’m looking more at doing pop and releasing my own music now,” she says.

“Cabaret was great, because we could do whatever style we wanted. There were people doing musical theatre, jazz, whatever; but, I really like pop music and I love jazz. So I didn’t do traditional pop, like what’s on the radio at the moment, I did jazz pop.”

Originally from York Peninsula, Claire has lived in Adelaide now for four years.

A multi-talented artist, she plays piano, saxophone, ukulele and guitar and has just released her new single ‘Don’t Wanna’ to iTunes.

10691_10153366259038879_6666743437577803644_n“My new single is available on iTunes, and it will be available soon on Spotify and a few other streaming services. I’m excited to see what else I can do with it once I’ve released it. I would love to do a video, but I’m not sure what the plan is from there,” she says.

“I want to write more music after this. I want to release an EP, including that track. Writing music is definitely a high priority!”

Claire’s contagiously upbeat recording of ‘Don’t Wanna’ shows off her gentle, soulful voice, which is well suited to a jazz-pop genre.

Although her appearance in the Cabaret Festival was the catalyst for writing the song, Claire says her school is incredibly supportive of her music as well.

“At Wilderness, I’m doing musicianship, which is music theory subject, and solo performance, which assesses me on my singing. I also do a few bands and choir and I used to be in rock band,” she says.

“Wildy has heaps of different bands, so whatever genre or style of music you like, or instrument you play, there is always a band you can join. I was in a jazz choir for a while, and there’s a bluegrass band; it really caters for various styles and instruments.”

Citing her main musical influence as Kate Miller-Heidke, and the person she’d love to open for as Michael Bublé, Claire is a determined young woman who has set her sights high.

“I don’t know what my ultimate goal is, but I really want to release more music. I would love to release an album. I love performing in bands, but I would really love to be a solo artist so I have the freedom to do what I want, creatively,” she says.

“I would really like to be an independent artist because I think it would be really cool to be able to manage the business side of things on your own.”

Claire Morphett’s single ‘Don’t Wanna’ is available to purchase on iTunes and will be available on other streaming services in the near future.

By Libby Parker
Photos by Franklin Yao