TIM ROGERS & THE BAMBOOS – Live Review, The Gov July 3, 2015

With The Bamboos “you can’t lose”!

Last Friday night, the infamous Tim Rogers and The Bamboos took to the stage at The Gov for a high energy, ninety minutes of pop, funk and a bit of rock proving to be one of the best shows I’ve seen this year. Blow Your Whistle got the party started, followed by S.U.C.C.E.S.S which got the crowd going. Tim Rogers was, as usual, impeccably dressed in a suit with a ruffle shirt and sporting a sheriff’s badge, making it clear who’s boss.

Rogers indicated that there are three rules of attraction – dress up, turn up and give it up for The Bamboos. He said,“When I give it up for The Bamboos, there ain’t no way you’re going to lose” as an intro to The Rules Of Attraction, but he didn’t take too kindly to those yelling out requests; throwing back: “You’ve got to be careful yelling out requests because we’re at work. You don’t want me coming around to your work tomorrow do you?”

TRATBIn a quirky twist, Me And A Devil morphed in to Shake It Off (- Taylor Swift believe it or not!). It was brilliant! But that was to be expected with a band of eight, and the mighty Tim Rogers up front. Kylie Auldist’s vocals on ‘Rats’ were also sublime.

Rogers encouraged the crowd to keep dancing as he segued into ‘Did I Wake You?’ Rogers and Auldist proved their mutual adulation and stage chemistry in this duet, making them an unbeatable combination.

Tim described “a handbrake [as] someone who puts a brake on your fun” and told us to put our “foot on the accelerator till we get to the car park. Get cabs home, otherwise I’ll piggy back you!” The crowd cheered as the band turned up the heat with ‘Handbrake’. ‘Lime Rickey’ with hand claps was another gem off Rules Of Attraction.

Rogers proclaimed that he absolutely abhors violence but “I violently love you people” and then introduced The Bamboos. ‘Better Off Alone’ brought things down a notch with the band playing a solo medley. Auldist also had her moment, allowing her soulful vocals to shine all over ‘I Don’t Wanna Stop’. When Rogers returned to the stage sporting a gold, glittery jacket the set continued with ‘On Time’ and ‘You Can’t Kill A Man Twice’ from the new album. ‘The Truth’ from Fever In The Road got a nod; then hit single ‘Easy’ closed the set.

Loved it, loved it! So did the crowd, who wanted more.

The encore was a major highlight for me, particularly a rejuvenated You Am I classic by way of ‘Heavy Heart’ which was given a touch up by The Bamboos. Wow, baritone sax, sax and trumpet gave this one a new lease of life. Thinking that it couldn’t get any better, it did with the hit single ‘I Got Burned’. Seeing Rogers and Auldist dance their way through the crowd was just priceless. This was truly a great show and being a major You Am I/Tim Rogers fan since the beginning, it was great seeing Tim Rogers having fun with The Bamboos. Fingers crossed that there’s another tour before too long.

Reviewed by Rob Lyon