JOSHUA RADIN AND DEMI LOUISE, Live Music Review, The Gov, Tuesday 8th September, 2015

Joshua Radin and Demi Louise mesmerised Adelaide on Tuesday night, bringing the small crowd at The Gov to a standstill.
As candles glowed around the intimate setting, Radin and Demi Louise hypnotised the audience with romantic lullabies.

Making her Adelaide debut, unsigned singer songwriter Demi Louise started the show with an endearing antidote, highlighting her Op Shop purchases.

Demi Louise makes her Adelaide debut at The Gov.

With a down to earth likeable persona, Demi told the story of how she had purchased clothing that all belonged to the same old lady.

“She’s future me,” the 21-year-old confessed.

Having won over the crowd, she sang new tracks ‘Tired,’ and ‘Backburner’ before singing the popular track ‘Rivers Run to Red,’ which was covered on Germany’s The Voice, by winner Charley Ann.

Her next song Gaol Street was inspired by her time playing Adele covers to Adele and meeting Kanye West at the Glastonbury Festival.

IMG_0748With the crowd silent and hanging on her every word, the winner of the Australian Songwriters Association Pop Song of the Year delivered her debut track ‘Ruins.’

It was a beautiful moment as she dedicated the song to both of her grandfathers, who were diagnosed with dementia.

The Melbournian then sang ‘Taxi-driver,’ a fun acoustic ode to her tendency to divulge embarrassing stories to a cab driver after a big night out.

Ending the show with upbeat country tracks ‘Orange Love’ and ‘Restless,’ Demi Louise shone brighter than her op shop jacket.

Her set was the perfect way to warm up for Joshua Radin’s three-piece band, who were ready to take the Adelaide crowd on an audio journey.

Joshua Radin captures hearts and minds at The Gov on Tuesday night.

Radin opened with back to back songs, singing ‘No Envy, No Fear’ and ‘Brand New Day,’ before welcoming the adoring fans.

Phones came out and hearts were melting as the US folk singer sang ‘I’d Rather Be With You.’

There’s regret in his voice and there’s pain, but through all the heartache, the audience can feel his sincerity.

As he played ‘Victim of Timing’ and ‘Only You,’ it was clear that these are not just love songs to be played on film and TV soundtracks, which Radin is most known for.

These are moving songs that celebrate love through all the twists and turns.

For anyone who has lost faith in finding ‘the one’, Radin reminds us that the journey is worth it.

Having played his hit song ‘Today,’ at Ellen Lee DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s wedding, the live version didn’t disappoint.

IMG_0754The 41-year-old spoke about his upbringing in Ohio and it was clear that he hadn’t lost his small town charm; although based in LA now, Radin maintains his polite and humble nature.

The track ‘Beautiful Day,’ which is on his latest album ‘Onward and Sideways,’ is a feel good pop song that brought an upbeat vibe.

Radin, brings an optimistic sound and a sincere belief in true love; the songs ‘Belong,’ ‘My My Love’ and ‘Winter’ left the crowd wanting more.

Radin’s encore covers of Bob Dylan’s ‘Don’t Think Twice’ and Tom Perry and the Heartbreakers’ ‘I Won’t Back Down,’ were the perfect end to the night.

Adelaide fans are hoping Joshua Radin doesn’t wait another four years to return, and Demi Louise is welcome back anytime.

Words and photos by Paul Bidmeade