SAM SMITH, Live Music Review, December 2015

Judging by the amount of tightly packed bodies swarming to the front of the stage, it was obvious that there was much excitement and enthusiasm to see 23-year-old Sam Smith perform live.

The UK singer played in front of a capacity crowd with organisers moving the concert to the Adelaide Entertainment Centre arena after increased ticket sales (due to Smith’s tour cancellation earlier this year).

Australian sweetheart Emma Louise opened the night with a collection of laid back Indie tunes. Illuminated by light and projecting her angelic voice, she captured the audience’s attention, particularly when performing her hit single ‘Jungle.’

Piercing screams and cheers filled the room as Smith was revealed behind a dropping curtain. Surrounded by his seven piece band and dressed immaculately, he enchanted the audience from start to finish. Smith performed hit singles, ‘I’m Not the Only One’, ‘Like I Can’ and closed with ‘Stay With Me’, inviting the audience to sing along with him. He encouraged the audience to light up the room with their phones as he performed ‘Lay Me Down’.

Smith’s voice, mixed with the many gospel elements of his band’s harmonious music, sent a chill down my spine. Despite being relatively small in number, his backing band were able to achieve a ambience reminiscent of something from the big band era.

Smith opened up to the audience on several occasions, explaining how his album In the Lonely Hour is like his personal diary. Smith also stated that many of his songs come deep from within his core and although these songs were originally emotionally hard to deliver, he now enjoys performing them for the delight of his fans.

The audience were treated to a moving cover of the late Amy Winehouse’s ‘Tears Dry On Their Own’, which broke into ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’, which the song samples from.

It was clear by the way Smith looked around the room and thanked the audience continuously, that success and fame is still new to him. He hit every note without fault, which is one indication why this 23 year old’s career has skyrocketed in such a short amount of time.

With Smith’s universal appeal and the promise of a new album after the completion of this tour, fans have much to look forward to.

By Cat Kusmuk-Dodd