DREAM ON DREAMER, Live Music Review, Fowler’s Live, December 2015

It was Thursday night, 17th of December in Adelaide at Fowler’s Live on North Terrace. It was hot. Two interstate acts were here to push their intense and powerful music to a modest, but keen, number of fans.

Opening the night were local band, Day Break. They have loads of potential. Lead vocalist Marcus Passey has the voice to do it and the band plays together as a close unit, a rare thing to see in such young members. They lack day breakengagement with the crowd, however, which is their biggest let down, because they performed some really decent original material. They have what it takes to be a good band, it looked like they haven’t left the rehearsal room just yet. I hope to see their progression over the next couple of years.

Polaris, from Sydney are up next and whatever the first act lacked, these guys had in spades! They were pumped to play and really came out strong, engaging the crowd and pulling everyone in. It’s rare to see two guitarists polarisperfectly share roles between lead and rhythm; Rick Schneider and Ryan Siew are both extremely skilled, showcasing a blend between heavy riffs and gentle finesse, they did what they needed to do: perfection.

Daniel Furnari was on-point on drums. Bass and vocalist Jake Steinhauser was exactly what you’d want in a band member, stepping up when needed to deliver smooth, melodic vocals, then sitting back filling out the bottom end when Jamie Hails, lead vocalist and warrior took to the podium and stood strong pronouncing his place before us mere mortals. Worth seeing.

Headline act Dream On Dreamer from Melbourne came out fierce and in your face, as only one could expect. They had big shoes to fill after Polaris but managed to bring the energy, delivering an onslaught of material to some very passionate fans. Fowler’s may not have been the best choice of venue in regards to the attendance, but everyone there was there to see Dream On Dreamer. Marcel Gadacz, the lead vocalist is intense! He commands attention. I liked Zachary Britt on guitar, he performed as if everything he plays comes from a place deep inside him. His delivery was heart felt and I very much enjoyed his presence. Callan Orr and Chris Shaw kept up in what was a very hot night in Adelaide! It was a tough night to play regardless, let alone a high energy, in your face metal show, so I tended to forgive moments that dragged a little.

I struggled to understand the motives behind the lead singer. I like to take some time before I get on board with any act, until I have had a chance to understand what they are about before I adhere to their commands. When he told the crowd to raise their arms, I did not. He divided the crowd with his hand and said “and you can fuck off,” rather than working to bring me in throughout the set. I could have left, but I chose to stick around a little longer.

It is interesting that sub genres tend to divide social groups, when really I bet all they want is for more people to understand what they are about. Very odd and somewhat counter intuitive. It seemed the majority of the people there had previously seen them and were loyal fans, singing many of the lyrics and physically reacting to the songs, which is always great to see. Perhaps the singer felt the band have enough fans and do not need any more. I was there to see something new, they could have gained another fan. Could have. But they just didn’t cut it after Polaris.

If the bill read: Day Break, Dream On, Dreamer then Polaris it would have been a really great gig. It’s rare to see, but Polaris, the support act shat all over the headliners. Polaris were tight; both powerful and euphoric with fantastic dynamics! Each member is really talented and played accordingly, effortlessly nailing it! They were doing what they do best and it was a privilege to see them perform live.

Reviewed by Trent Worley
Dream on Dreamer: Supplied
Polaris: James Kilian
Day Break: Facebook


Trent is a singer/songwriter born and bred in Adelaide, South Australia.

He performs songs about local and global issues, and writes the occasional live music review.