Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are back together for Sisters, a new film from director Jason Moore (Pitch Perfect) about two thirty something sisters whose parents summon them home to clean out their childhood bedrooms before the family home is sold.

Both completely devastated by their parents’ decision (and perhaps their own life situations) they decide to throw a final high-school-style party to relive their glory days and, of course, hilarity ensues.

Sisters_Teaser_1Sheet_KeyArt_LoResWritten by Paula Pell (Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock), and with Producer and Executive Producer credits to Fey and Poehler respectively, Sisters is a riotous comedy reflective of The Hangover and Bridesmaids.

Fey and Poehler are fantastic in their roles as sisters who couldn’t be more different to each other and, while they have some problems in their relationship, adore one another, despite their idiosyncrasies.

Although being absolutely hilarious, the plot is fairly incidental as the main action happens in and around the party, which takes up the bulk of the film – not that it matters much, because those are the best bits.

Sisters is the perfect summer holiday film; it’s light hearted, provides plenty of belly laughs and everybody learns something at the end.

John Leguizamo, Dianne Wiest, John Cena and James Brolin provide exceptional supporting roles and Moore’s direction sees the action move swiftly along so we’re taken from one crazy caper to the next, while building tension, developing character and leading to a rather bizarre climax.

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Reviewed by Libby Parker

Photo supplied by Universal Pictures


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