Adelaide band, The Vanity Cure is kicking off the New Year with a new album – their very first album, actually.

1933729_900919410024583_778169787016372352_nLaunching at The Crown and Sceptre on Friday February 5, the four-piece band have ordered an eclectic line up of musicians to help them celebrate.

With an equal amount of eclecticism in their debut recording, The Vanity Cure, made up of Lee (bass/vocals), Tamara (vocals/keys), Jake (guitar) and Mark (drums) formed a couple of years ago after they untied Tamara from a chair.

“I’d been out of music for a while and I thought it’d be good to start a band with a female singer, because I haven’t done that before,” Lee says. “I found Tamara on a talent site. She was tied to a chair in an art-house film playing a depressed housewife, so we contacted her and went from there.

“So, that’s how it all started. Then we went to record one song, but we decided not to do a single launch and that we’d do a few more songs, and that turned into an album.”

Taking a collaborative approach to the writing, Lee says the album is a blend of a range of styles, but it’s all fun.

“The music is a real mix of things. There’s some tunes you can line-dance to, some fun tunes; it’s all over the shop, really. It wasn’t intentional; it’s just how the music panned out,” he says.

“It’s a real democracy, so everyone does the writing; that’s probably why it sounds so different, because different people have written different songs. The inspiration is varied. Some of the songs are about catching up with someone you haven’t seen for a while – there’s a funk song called ‘A Lot of Catching Up To Do” and it’s about not seeing someone for ten years and they could be absolutely mental, but they’re still your friend. A lot of the songs are about love and loss. It’s not very serious.”

And the launch on February 5 should be just as much fun, featuring a range of local artists supporting The Vanity Cure at the city pub.

“For the launch, we’ve got a guy called Pablo. It’s hard to describe what he does, because I don’t want to put him in a box. He does world music stuff, I guess. We’ve also got Surviving Sharks – they’re a great band. I’ve known them for years, they’ve got a really good energy,” Lee says.

“Then we have Cal Williams Jnr who’s a really good blues guitar player, so there’s a bit of everything. It’s going to be a real celebration of finishing the album.”

And the gig is free, which is great news for people wanting to go and see a quality live show at one of Adelaide’s favourite live venues, and have extra money for beer.

“This is a bit of a celebration; it’s our first album, so it’s about getting our music out there and having a good time. I guess if people don’t pay to come, they might buy an album to use as a beer coaster or something. We might have t-shirts, some other memorabilia and maybe a kissing booth too,” Lee laughs.

The album was recorded and mixed here in Adelaide, and Lee says the band has kept the whole process totally local.

“Everything has been done here. The recording and art were done in Adelaide. We used a collage artist called Kate Cuthbert who’s a local and does really cool work called Satin&Tat Collage,” he says.

“Matt Hills did part of the album and Craig Lewis did the other part. In past lives, I’ve worked with some awesome people interstate and overseas but as far as local guys go, Matt and Craig stand up next to anyone I’ve ever worked with.”

So pleased is he with The Vanity Cure’s debut album, that Lee is looking forward to launching the album, sending it far and wide, and taking a well earned break from harassing his band-mates.

“I think we will send it to weird parts of the galaxy and find someone, somewhere who likes it. Tamara used to live in Denmark so she’s going to send it to friends there so we’ll ship it around the place, but what I’m most looking forward to is not having to email the band 18 times a day,” he laughs.

The Vanity Cure launch their debut album at Crown and Sceptre on February 5, from 9pm.


By Libby Parker

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