Starting your own business can be daunting, but so too can transitioning a business into the digital age.

Luckily, if your business is in the holistic, spiritual or wellbeing industry, help is on hand in the form of a new book by Adelaide author Vanessa Jones.

We spoke to Vanessa for our 16 for ’16 spectacular and she told us all about it.

Her new book, Promote Your Spiritual Business, is available in e-book and paperback to help 10801485_10156195575990343_1869238682407158554_n-624x942those who may be a bit unsure of how to market their service.

Vanessa wrote the book after she saw a need in a specific industry, and realised her valuable advice could be spread across many fields and trades.

Promote Your Spiritual Business is a simple marketing book for people in the holistic and wellbeing industry; like masseuses, spiritual healers, reiki healers, and even creatives, like writers, artists, hairdressers and so forth: people who run their own business, or freelance, or have their own services but don’t necessarily have that basic marketing knowledge. It’s a helpful guide to help them get started, or give them inspiration in their marketing,” she says.

“Because I do some freelance marketing, I have some ties with the wellbeing industry and a lot of people would ask me how to do something, or want to hire me, but they needed a bit of help with most of the basics first, like understanding the concepts and why they should be on Facebook, and the benefits of it. So I thought rather than hiring me to do that for them every week, I’ll put a book out, and they can buy the book and learn simple techniques for themselves.”

Writing the book took a little under two years, and Vanessa says during the process, she learned new skills, and really enjoyed the whole experience.

“There was a lot of research involved, so I got to see how people were doing marketing differently, particularly in that industry, and I learned about putting the skill of writing a vanessa jonesbook into practice. I’ve studied writing for a while, and I’ve done a lot, but writing a non-fiction book was a new experience for me. Being able to do that to completion was really rewarding and satisfying. And being able to knowledge share was really part of the experience,” she says.

“It’s been received really well. A lot of people have found value in it, not just for their business, but for themselves and discovering why they’re in business, what their core values are, and what brings them joy. So that’s what I’ve included in the book as well. It’s really targeted to the spiritual demographic, but it can be expanded to anyone who wants to run their own business as a heart-based entrepreneur.”

Vanessa describes herself as a writer, author, marketer and a witch, so she has focused her book on allowing readers to realise they can market their business through numerology, intuition, ancient philosophies and magic.

“The book covers pretty much everything. It has a big focus on digital marketing; that’s social media, e-newsletters and how to really get your website right and bring in new customers. It focuses on naming your business, branding, getting your branding right and copywriting, which is another area of expertise for me,” she says.

Promote Your Spiritual Business gives tips on how to use spirituality to push a product or service into the public sphere, but Vanessa says it also shows business owners some hands on methods to become successful.

“It’s not been everyone, but there’s a false belief that the divine, or whatever outside-of-self being that someone may believe in will bring them the clients, the financial reward and the work satisfaction that they’re looking for and disregarding that there is a human level to it,” she says.

You can check out more of Vanessa Jones’ services at her website and CLICK HERE to purchase Promote Your Spiritual Business.

By Libby Parker


Libby Parker
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