Ever since the character of Deadpool first appeared back in the mid-2000s in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, where the character was treated horribly by the makers of that film, deadpool-gallery-03-gallery-imageactor Ryan Reynolds (a massive Deadpool fan himself) has wanted to make a ‘proper’ Deadpool movie. Reynolds himself is not only the star of this film but also one of the producers, and as most people know, this film has truly become a passion project for the Hollywood heart throb.

So this is another Superhero Origin Story. Or rather, an Anti-Hero Origin Story. Wade Wilson, ex-American Special Forces and now Mercenary-for-Hire, meets the girl of his dreams, and just as life looks perfect, Wade gets terminal cancer. A secret organisation then gets wind of Wade’s predicament and offers to not only cure his cancer, but also give him superpowers. This they do – but of course they’re not the good guys either. This leads the now indestructible Wade – aka Deadpool – on a mission to kill these evil no-gooders, made even worse by the fact that the baddies also kidnap Wade’s aforementioned girl.

This film is AWESOME. I was laughing right from the opening credits in the first 30 seconds! Ryan Reynolds, perhaps in truly the role of his life, plays Wade/Deadpool to perfection. The jokes are brilliant and poke fun at everything: Hollywood, sex, other X-Men, actors, the cult of celebrity; there are jokes within jokes. Deadpool regularly breaks the fourth wall, talking directly to the audience; he also knows he’s a character in a movie.

Stick with the rapid fire dialogue because some of the jokes are so quick you’ll miss them if you’re not paying attention! Reynolds plays Deadpool utterly authentically, true to the comics. You can clearly see the care and the passion he’s poured into this movie to make it as cool as he possibly can. And he’s totally succeeded in his endeavours. The soundtrack is Deadpool_thumbs_upbrilliant too (re-enforcing much of the humour), and people my age and older will know all the songs, as the music is from mainly the 80s and 90s (with a few from even further back that most people should recognise).

And yes, there’s a brilliant Stan Lee cameo in this one, and make sure you wait until after all the end credits have finished for one of MARVEL’s best post-credit scenes EVER!

One thing to add: THIS FILM IS NOT FOR KIDS. Ryan Reynolds has been adamant on that point right from the very start. There’s a reason it’s rated R in America and MA15+ in Australia, and why it’s even been banned in some countries. No matter how much your 10~13 year old begs or pleads with you – don’t take them. This film is extremely violent and graphic in that violence, and many of the jokes (particularly the sexual ones) are vulgar (apparently some of the jokes between Reynolds and co-star TJ Miller had to be cut because they were too nasty!). But it is all totally authentic to the Deadpool comics.

Given I knew all this going into the cinema, and my complete love of everything MARVEL (as you all know), I cannot help but love this film. This is how you do a Superhero Origin Story. No wonder Stan Lee even said that this version is now the definitive version of Deadpool! And best of all, FOX & MARVEL had already green-lit a sequel before this film came out, so confident they already were of its success. And they got this one right.

Deadpool. An instant, irreverant, irresponsible classic!

5 stars!

By David Emms


David Emms is an electronic engineer, a father, and an avid movie goer.

He lives in Adelaide