Zach and Tom are best friends; they are also two very funny guys who present an entertaining hour of comedy and theatre through a series of scenes loosely based around the theme of friendship. With a focus on clowning, physical comedy and audience interaction, the show is engaging and enjoyable.

As the title suggests, the two comedians share a strong on-stage chemistry. The capacity to bring together Zach, who hails from the US, and Australian performer, Tom, in an entirely new show is something that the Fringe does well.

Both have strong clowning skills, with the ability to improvise with the audience and each other to some very funny results.

zach-and-tomThe highlight of the show was Zach’s turn as ‘Brad’, the American acting guru, complete with a crazy accent and some hilarious mispronunciations. Tom’s Bon Jovi scene also drew big laughs.

While it’s all undeniably entertaining stuff, this debut piece is occasionally uneven, with the feeling of something in the process of being workshopped. The limitations of the performance space only compound this. However, the comic skills of both performers are such that these aspects should improve as the show’s run continues.

Zach and Tom are a talented pair who deserve to find an audience.

Zach & Tom: Best Friends performs nightly at Tuxedo Cat – Mayall Room (with the exception of Wednesdays).

3 stars

Reviewed by Matthew Trainor