Dinosaurs ruled the world this weekend; well, perhaps not the world, but dinosaurs certainly ruled Norwood Concert Hall in the performance of Erth’s Dinosaur  Zoo, which opened Saturday February 27.

Narrator, Scott Wright, accompanied by four puppeteers took the audience through a journey of information, interactivity and enjoyment.

Starting from the opening joke, Scott engaged the crowd of predominantly children under 10.

Coaxing a number of children, and two parents, to interact with the dinosaurs on stage throughout the show kept other children and parents entertained.

The back drop changed throughout the show and the giant plants at the sides of the stage set the atmosphere without intruding. At times, an operator with a camera projected close-ups on the back screen, giving added detail.

There was plenty of scientific information as well, although at times, Scott’s commentary was lost through lack of volume. 

The puppets were beautifully made, skillfully managed, right down to facial expressions, and ranged from smaller hand operated ones for the baby dinosaurs, through to the  body-operated much larger and fearsome Tyrannosauras Rex.

The flying Meganeura, or giant dragon flies moving through the crowd were a highlight, as was the added bonus of being able to meet and touch the baby dinosaurs after the show.

Children left the show excitedly, having come as close as is possible with “real” dinosaurs.

Recommended for children 5-10, Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo is playing until March 6, grab your tickets here.

Reviewed by Ruth Howley