Gypsy & The Cat slid in to town under the radar to start previewing some new material off their forth coming album due out in July. The show wasn’t heavily advertised with a lot of fans I’m sure not even knowing it was on to be honest. It must be tough riding the highs and playing to a sold out crowd at The Gov and supporting Kylie Minogue on her Aphrodite GATCTour to playing to barely a hundred people at Rocket Bar. It was a strange show with the choice of venue and the lack of interest in the crowd which was more concerning. Scheduled to come on a midnight it was a tough one to remain upright til then [yes I’m old!].

This indie/dream pop duo comprising of DJ’s Xavier Bacash and Lionel Towers have a great sound and a back catalogue of great songs that are as good as anyone’s. In a lot of ways this tour is about reconnecting and getting reacquainted with fans. The unfortunate thing about this show was that punters there were happy to pay thirty five sobs to beat the queue later on when the nightclub runs rather than watching this superb band. Opening with familiar tunes Human Desire and Sorry the Gypsy & The Cat sound transcended the room. It was a Happy Easter from Xavier before playing the first of many new tunes called Give Or Take. Xavier indicated that they would be playing a bit of this and a bit of that playing old songs and new songs.

Blue was fantastic but it definitely was the new tunes that were the most exciting. I rate these guys and we can only hope that they regain the attention they deserve. Jona Vark never sounds tiresome and a few slew of tunes off the Hearts A Gun EP were played. Xavier made a plea for fresh beer which served as a good intro to Red Wine & Cigarette. The band were playing a blinder and the response from the crowd was lukewarm at best. There was talk of a new album release in July and another tour. Their next single I Want To Be Someone Else was great.

I don’t know if it was the lack of response and energy from the crowd but things were wound up after forty five minutes. Surprising really considering the treasure trove of greatness they have at their disposal and well they played. Sunday off the EP got a look in and their current single Inside Your Mind will prove popular in time. Big hit Time To Wander brought it on home and I think the band were happy to hurry on out of there. Fingers crossed that Gypsy & The Cat return with their forthcoming album release.

By Robert Lyon