This weekend at The Producers Bar, a stack of Adelaide bands have gotten together to showcase some of the exciting talent we have in our music scene.

Organised by indie pop rock band The Serra, Kooky Million – Small Town Soiree will offer seven great bands in one great venue.


Despite being the force behind it, Angela Vagnini, lead vocalist from The Serra, says the show is not about them; she says it’s about getting people out to live music and showing them what they’re missing out on.

“The Serra is involved in Kooky Million and we are the ones behind organising it, but it’s not about us, it’s about the scene. We wanted to incorporate a mix of similar but different genres as a showcase to the public,” she says.

“The scene is taking a hit because of new rules and legislation and it’s getting harder and harder to get people out to shows. It’s hard on all fronts for musicians so it’s important to unite. We’re really lucky that Adelaide has a community of musicians who support each other. We want to show Adelaide what they could be doing.”

Alongside The Serra will be Prophets of Impending Doom, Across the Atlas, Sword in Stone, Skythief, House of Jade and Little Lotus, which is a lot of great music for not a lot of cash.

“At $10 presale for seven bands, it’s really laughable,” Angela says. “We’re not doing it for the money; musicians don’t do it for the money. We want to show people what we’ve been working hard to do. It’s about supporting to the community and having fun.”

“Producers Bar have been really supportive and has helped us with promoting. Matt especially has been wonderful in organising it. We’ve been lucky enough to have Bakehouse support us too.”

Angela says awakening people to the fantastic noises our musos make in Adelaide is the main theme of the night; that and saving our scene.

“We want to spark an interest in the scene because it’s something that could potentially die out and we don’t want that. We want generations after us to be inspired,” she says.

“When I go to a gig, I feel at home there and I can stand next to a random person and we have a general understanding that we’re here to support whoever is on stage at that moment. You can talk to anyone in that room and nobody is rude to you. Depending on the gig, it’s probably one of the safest outings! If we lose that, it’s a harsh reality we have to deal with. Is it just going to be digital? If it is, that’s really sad.”

Penny, the lead vocalist from Across the Atlas agrees, and reckons Kooky Million – Small Town Soiree will treat you to a great night out and a new favourite band or two.

“With seven bands on the bill you’ll be leaving with a new favourite (or favourites!). We love seeing bands and the wider community support each other and we’re excited for what promises to be an awesome night!” she says.

“You never know, you could be witnessing the next big thing before it breaks through.”

Kooky Million – Small Town Soiree is at The Producers Bar – The Old Exchange (235 Grenfell Street, Adelaide) on Saturday 26th March from 7pm.

Tickets are $15 at the door.

By Libby Parker