They’re described as indie pop with a worldly twist, but Conchillia are hard to pin down to any genre, except that they are loads of fun.

6831Conchillia_Band_PortraitsAnd that’s exactly what’s on the menu for their EP launch at The Producers this weekend: a great line up and a fun atmosphere.

Supported by Donnarumma and FLU, the launch is set to be an event, as bassist Kiah Gossner explains.

“With Conchillia, we try to make the shows we do more than gigs. We like to make them events and experiences. Everyone in the band plays in lots of different groups and has played lots of different shows, so we like to make it more special for people and for the musicians as well,” he says.

“I’m really looking forward to the atmosphere of the show. The whole place will be decked out like a jungle party. This is also a positive step in the right direction for Conchillia, sound wise. We’ve put off doing a full album until we tied down what our sound is and there’s some really exciting stuff happening. We’re really getting some creative momentum behind the band, which is good.”

The band has gone through a huge transformation since its inception and Kiah says they’ve reached a natural state of being as a group.

“Conchillia has been an interesting process. It started off with me, Jess, the singer, and Miles, the drummer, just catching up and playing music together. We started jamming some music, a hybrid of styles. This was about three years ago. It’s been a slow build since then. There’s been different band members who have gone in and out, but we’ve now tied it down to a full, permanent line up now, which is nice. Conchillia started as a trio and has become a six-piece now. It’s been very organic,” he says.

Since launching their debut EP in late 2014, Kiah says Conchillia have come a long way in terms of song writing.

The tunes on their follow up Hunter or a Gatherer have engaged the five senses and have been inspired by travel, nature and emotions.

“There are different musicians involved and the song writing is quite a bit more refined. Conchillia has been on a bit of a journey since it started. It’s out to do its own thing and the musicians involved are there to shape it artistically and aesthetically. The first record, to me, is still searching for sounds and this one seems a bit more focused and refined. The horn arrangements are written by Miles and he’s done a really great job,” Kiah says.

conchillia“The band love travelling so there’s a few tracks on the EP which are pulled from experiences, whether they be emotional experiences or physical experiences. One of the tracks is written off the back of a trip to the Maldives; seeing the sun burn and the salt and the sea, and that physical experience. ‘Hunter or a Gatherer’, the title track from the EP is more about people finding their own path through life; it’s more of an emotional thing. The five senses are explored and the EP has different movements through the five tracks.”

And while the tracks found their own voice through the music and arrangements, Kiah is thrilled about the final product.

“I like the way the tracks came out. In my mind, they were going somewhere but they came out in another place. It took me a while to warm to them but then I realised they made sense and sounded better. We got to play with a few buddies from Melbourne, which was great. We flew them in from Melbourne. The horns are the same line up as the Hilltop Hoods horn section. I’m looking forward to this record. It’s exciting times,” he says.

And the EP launch this weekend at The Producers will be the perfect way to celebrate the release of Hunter or a Gatherer, which promises to take us on an eclectic skip around the globe’s song writing centres.

“The launch is going to be great. We have FLU, which is the fantastic Funk Latin Union; we’ve played with them before and they’re lots and lots of fun. They have similar instrumentation to us with lots of brass and horns, groove and rhythm. And, the best way to describe Donnarumma is, well, Louis has a real Jeff Buckley thing going on, which is cool, and you can’t say that about many groups. It’s a really nice, diverse line up of music. It’s a little world tour going on at The Producers,” he laughs.

“The Producers is a great atmosphere. It’s also a little bit different. There’s so many great venues in Adelaide, but we thought doing something at Producers would be good. It’s a great space and also it fits the theme well. The sound is really good there and there’s room for exciting things to happen.”

Conchillia’s EP launch for Hunter or a Gatherer is on Saturday 9 April from 7:30pm in the beer garden.

By Libby Parker
Photos supplied