Canadian singer/songwriter Devon Sproule has arrived in Australia for a ten date tour, playing at The Grace Emily on Tuesday night.

Although her first time in Adelaide, this is Devon’s second time in Australia and she is very excited to be back.

“I thought going to Australia was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and now I get to do it twice! I’m especially thrilled to be getting to go to the west coast this trip. My first time, I flew into Brisbane for BigSound. It was dark and I was walking around all jet lagged. I heard this crazy hooting in the trees and texted my friend to see what it was. Rest assured, I will not be mistaking kookaburras for “drop bears” this trip!”

Devon and husband Paul Curreri have recently announced they are expecting a daughter in August so this makes the trip even more special to them.

A dynamically creative duo, Devon and Paul have recently launched a Patreon page to host their endless works and Devon can’t wait to share some of it with Australian audiences.

Devon Sproule plays The Grace Emily on Tuesday 19th April with doors at 7:30om. Grab your tickets here.