After bypassing us on their mini Australian tour late December last year, Custard were finally back in South Australia and the Adelaide Indie-Rock collective were able to breathe a long awaited sigh of relief.

Touring their first album since the infallible Loverama album released in 1999, Come Back, All is Forgiven, is a more mature, but still true-to-style work for the Brissie outfit that has not disappointed their equally matured and loyal followers.

With the release of the new album, came the announcement of another short tour and the promise of a set list that would include indie anthems such as ‘Apartment’, ‘Anatomically Correct’ and ‘Girls Like That’, excited fans quickly jumped at the opportunity to grab tickets to what seemed like a cruel mis-announcement –(“Really? Custard are really touring again… Really?!”).  Friday night finally rolled around and an eager crowd quickly filled The Gov.

20160422_221310Starting their set with the melancholy album opener for Come Back, All is Forgiven, ‘Orchids in Water’, the boys proved that they know how to melt the hearts of their emotionally evolving admirers. Followed shortly after by alternate-rock stunner ‘Alone’, I had started to remember why I fell in love with this band in my early adolescence, their needlepoint precision for heartache is truly mesmerising.  In saying that, the band has not lost their well-celebrated sense of humour, and their enthusiastic fan base had certainly not forgotten a single lyric to songs like ‘The New Matthew’, ‘Music is Crap’ and ‘Pinball Lez’, which the band played flawlessly to their misty eyed audience. I should mention Custard paid homage to the late Prince with an understated and beautiful rendition of ‘When Doves Cry’.

Well known for his cheeky brand of showmanship, lead singer, Dave McCormack, absolutely charmed the packed venue and it’s apparent that the band could not be happier to be back on the road, playing to masses of giggling fools, reliving their late teens.

Finalising the encore with ‘Caboolture Speed Lab’ – lyrics like “cast your mind back, … get back into the here and now, there no point in denial” could not be a more fitting mantra for the sea of dancing fans.

I feel like Ringo I’ve got a university lecture to wag tomorrow.

Review and photos by Lauren McAleer