I don’t think anyone expected Bad Neighbours to have a sequel – until the first movie, with a budget of only 18 million dollars, raked in over 150 million dollars. With Hollywood being Hollywood they found a cash-cow to squeeze and after watching this hilarious film, I’m glad they did. Everyone knows sequels are rarely as good as the original but this movie usurps the first in laughs and crassness, and had the cinema and me in fits of laughter.

bad-neighbours-2-quadThe Bad Neighbours and Bad Neighbours 2 premise is much the same. In Bad Neighbours a frat house opens up next door to a laid-back, easy-going couple named Mac and Kelly (Seth Rogan and Rose Byrne) who just want peace and quiet for their newborn baby. Hilarity and pranks ensue with a nice little resolution and message at the end.

In Bad Neighbours 2, a sorority opens up next door to the same laid-back, easy-going couple, Mac and Kelly, who just want their recently sold house to pass escrow (30 day cooling off period). Hilarity and pranks ensue with a nice little resolution and message at the end.

Being a sequel, the vulgarity is stepped up a notch and characters such as Zac Efron’s Teddy get brought back for great amusement. Zac Efron plays a meat head really well (and I think I counted at least five ‘shirts off’ scenes for those of you interested, not forgetting the one ‘pants off’ scene).  When Efron and Rogan are on the screen together you will find it extremely hard not to laugh: discussing the magic of boiling water is a highlight in dumbness. Rose Byrne also seems to have great chemistry with Seth Rogan and a lot of their scenes seem ad-libbed, which brings out more laughs than something scripted. That she keeps her Aussie accent also gives a great big tick to her character and the movie.

Chloe Grace Moretz plays Shelby the villainess of the piece. A pot smoking party girl, she just wants to have fun without the sexist environment of a frat house. Moretz’s character is probably a weaker part of the film as she doesn’t have the same ‘oomph’ that Efron’s character had in the first film. There are cameos galore but I won’t be the guy who spoils them all for you.

Containing drug use, vulgar language and crossing the line humour, this movie is definitely big on laughs. Bad Neighbours 2 is the type of film where you can leave your brain at the door for 90 minutes of silly entertainment.

A very enjoyable 4 bongs out of 5.

Reviewed by Shane Berketa