It’s cold and wet in Adelaide city at 11.30 on a Wednesday morning and I have a booking for a plasma donation at 12pm in the Regent Arcade. My requirements for the donation are all filled except for the ‘eat a big meal’ part; this is where Slo Moe’s enters the picture. Having only been open for a short time, I am genuinely excited about what slow cooked barbecued meats will tantalise my tastebuds.

13223429_201635166896384_1874320239_oIf you have already read my interview with co-founder Rob Porcaro (here) I am going to follow his recommendations as I’m new to all of this. Rob recommended I try the Texas Tycoon (a 14 hour slow cooked Angus salt and pepper beef brisket in Texas sauce with Mayo Slaw), a side of Mac & Cheese as well as a side of Smokey Cowboy Beans.

As it is only 11.30am the food court is not very busy. Slo Moe’s (in the back right corner of the food court in Rundle Place) is clearly visible with its bright red neon sign. I approach the counter without even needing to line up and ask for a Texas Tycoon Sandwich with a side of Mac & Cheese and also a side of Smokey Cowboy Beans. That is when disappointment set in as I was told that they were sold out of beef brisket, so no Texas Tycoon. My second option, the Clucking Kentucky chicken sandwich was also shot down: sold out as well. As this is a new place and had only been opened a few days I will cut Slo Moe’s some slack. Being a new place you cannot be sure which items will be the most popular and how much stock to order. I was disappointed, but there were other menu items I wanted to try. On my third choice I was in luck. The Capitalist Pig pork sandwich came with both the sides I ordered.

On first glance I was surprised at the small size of the sandwich. At $11.90 I expected something a little bigger. Unwrapping the sandwich I found that it was choc-full of shredded pork that was oozing out the tangy Memphis sauce it was infused with. The dullish brown colour of the pork and sauce contrasted against the green and orange from the apple slaw inside. The first mouth-watering bite was a pleasant surprise. Sweet, crunchy and delicious, all in one bite, but it doesn’t end there. Just as you finish your bite, a touch of heat hits your palate; not overpowering but just the right amount. The pork sandwich was great; the only slight negative was that the pork itself was a little dry but the taste of the sauce, the softness of the bun and the freshness of the slaw give it an excellent four out of five.

13230713_203010473425520_343386080_oThe Mac & Cheese was next. I’m not a big fan of it in general but I thought I would give it a shot. Unlike the sandwich, I was impressed at the size of the ‘small’ order. At $4 it was great value for money. My small bowl of Mac & Cheese was overflowing as I scooped my first bite. It was described to me that it was like ‘a warm hug’ and I don’t think any of my words could describe it better. On a cold and wet day like, this a warm hug is what you need. Although I didn’t find it earth shattering (personally I like something with more spice) I thought that my kids would absolutely love it. No strong, bold or spicy flavours to put them off. I look forward to bringing the kids down here and stuffing their little faces with it. A solid 3 out of 5.

The last item for my taste buds was the Smokey Cowboy Beans. I originally thought beans were just beans; I have no real interest in them. I think I still have a can of beans in my pantry from eight years ago! How good can beans be? My answer: they can be FRICKIN AWESOME! I find it hard to put into words how good these beans were. Soft, smokey, sweet, saucy; and that’s just the ‘s’ words I can think of! Once again, the $4 I paid for the ‘small’ size was well worth it. I ate up every last bean in that bowl and even though I was completely full I could have done with more. If you were not feeling entirely carnivorous for lunch I would highly recommend going to Slo Moe’s and ordering a ‘large’ size beans and just eating that. You would not be disappointed. A magnificent 5 out of 5.

Although my date with the Texas Tycoon was cancelled and I was stood up by the Clucking Kentucky, the Capitalist Pig was still great company. Next time I visit Slo Moe’s I think I will let the Mac & Cheese entertain my kids whilst I spend some serious quality time with the Smokey Cowboy Beans. Slo Moe’s gets a smoking 4 out of 5.

Reviewed by Shane Berketa