Gender Spanner is the brainchild of Victorian performer Jessica McKerlie and director, Sarah Platts.

A one hour, one-hander musical extravaganza, complete with burlesque, comedy, a ukulele, spinning plates and the most poignant strip tease you’ll ever see, Gender Spanner is a must-see.

Gender SpannerJessica tells, through song and poetry, tales about her life as she wandered through the stages of her development and questions of identity.

Covering the topics of sexuality, sensuality, gender fluidity and identity, the beautifully written musical monologue has plenty of light and shade, and will answer some questions, while posing others.

Confronting, sad, hilarious, affecting, but always entertaining, Jessica pulls no punches and starts a conversation the whole world should be having.

From the beautiful song about a lost lover in London, to a hilarious musical commentary about the differences (or lack thereof) between gender issues and feminism, each song is as relevant, compelling and engaging as the last.

Playing for the next two weekends for Cabaret Fringe Festival, Gender Spanner is at La Boheme.

Book your tickets here to see this incredibly interesting, unique and pertinent show.

4.5 stars