Seductive circus shows inspired by classic Noir films of the 1940s are a hard act to define, however the local Adelaide cast of Cirque Nocturne gave the audience at the Rob Roy Hotel an introduction and a little taste of everything.

On a busy night at the Rob Roy Hotel, Cirque Nocturne managed to block out the noise pollution and transform the small, unfurnished back room into a dark, moody and atmospheric performance space.

As smoldering jazz music faded in the male detective and main protagonist of the show entered and performs a fully clothed pole dancing routine, showing impressive feats of strength, precision and flexibility.

The rest of the performances followed these three feats. Through the short one-hour performance we saw daring fire twirling, slinky hula hooping, alluring belly dancing, pristine juggling, erotic aerobics and an aerial hoop routine.

I cringed at the risky acts of fire and balance, I was amazed at the precision, skill and strength of the pole dancing, juggling and gymnastics chair routine, all while constantly being lost in the glamour and aesthetic of the cast.

The audience applauded and admired these daring and extraordinary acts all throughout the show, with each performance running for just enough time to leave you wanting more.

The highlight of the show was the aerial silks performance. The routine matched with the dark and seductive soundtrack and attire was a seamless finish. The aerial gymnastics immersed the audience into silence and felt like a slow building finish that included striking elasticity and perilous uncoiling plummets inches from the ground.

It was impressive how the cast managed to transform this room that had no structural intent to hold a circus into a performance space that held all kinds of acrobatic prowess.

This collective of Adelaide’s best and brightest circus and variety performers give you a slice of each of their crafts sending you off wanting to explore these newfound interests.

Cirque Nocturne gives an exhilarating insight into the dangers and seductions of circus cabaret, keeping you cheering throughout.

4 stars

9-12 June at 9pm
@ Rob Roy Hotel, 106 Halifax St, Adelaide


Reviewed by Thomas Jackson