Got a song? Got a band? Got a hankering to play on stage and jam?

Then head to the BlueBee room on Thursday night and be a part of Whose Jam is it Anyway?

The Straight-Jacket Tailors will open the night, and then it’s over to you to provide the entertainment.

Organiser Cam Walters says the last few jams have been great fun and it’s an opportunity for musos to share their creativity and be inspired by others.

Whose Jam is it Anyway? is an event for the Adelaide music community with an open-mic format for bands. Music gear, such as drums, guitars and keyboards, are provided to create an event that fosters creativity and collaboration, as well as spontaneity,” he says.

13530608_10153601954022014_1234265855_n“With great people, equipment and atmosphere, I’ve seen amazing things happen! Music isn’t just created in a studio or someone’s garage, it can be created by sharing the enthusiasm and originality that the Whose Jam is it Anyway? environment provides.”

Inspired by an overseas trip, WJIIA is about sharing ideas and having fun.

“I saw this take place in Hong Kong in a bar called Sense 99. The second floor had guitars and drums where people could just come and jam, as well as saxophonists and blues players coming in after midnight. In Singapore there’s bar called Actor’s with the same atmosphere. People were able to play music by themselves, or with their bands/mates forming impromptu jams,” Cam says.

“I found that they were very important for artists that want to have a place where they can jam with other artists, have a place to network while also playing, and be able to alternate between playing and watching others during the night, which is lots of fun.”

But it’s not just for musicians, Cam says WJIIA provides a great night of entertainment for 13552544_10153601954032014_643080417_nspectators too.

“The audience can expect a great show with an open-mic format for bands, where artists can ideally play three to four songs in around 20 minutes. Others are encouraged to get involved if they want to be involved in a song or a jam. The audience gets to be involved, as well as being able to sit back and enjoy the jams,” he says.

Whether you have a band, a solo act or are keen to debut your skills, this event is for everyone.

“This is an event for the entire Adelaide music community,” Cam says. “People can rock up to one of these nights to play, or they can contact Whose Jam Is It Anyway to put their 13536221_10153601954017014_770034320_nname in on the night. The best thing about providing a great range of music gear is that it makes it very easy for artists and bands to get involved. Show up and you’re guaranteed to play.”

Hosted by an Adelaide venue that is very supportive of local music, Cam says Whose Jam is it Anyway? has a great atmosphere.

“The Bluebee Room is one of the best bars in Adelaide. It provides a great lounge environment that allows everyone to be comfortable, from the lounge chairs to the lighting. The Bluebee Room is also very active in promoting local events and artists in Adelaide.

As well as fostering and encouraging creativity in local artists, WJIIA is supporting another great cause.

“Supporting BeyondBlue with these events is fantastic. They do a lot of work with mental health in communities, with demand for their services increasing by 50% in the last year,” Cam says.

“We want to support a great organisation like BeyondBlue by giving 25% of the door charge to them, as well as leaving donation boxes at the bar if people would like to donate a little more.”

Music therapy is something quite close to Cam’s heart, and he is very passionate about sharing it with others.

13551148_10153601954012014_1142713000_n“I’m currently working with dementia and Alzheimer patients with music therapy, and music really allows those patients to be in the moment and to access their thoughts and emotions,” he says.

“Music provides a great outlet for human expression. Being anxious or being depressed makes people feel like they can’t communicate clearly, or that they wouldn’t be understood. You don’t have to understand music academically, but you can sense what someone is communicating and feeling through music. I’m very passionate about music and its benefits to mental health, and to share it is a great privilege.”

So get along to Whose Jam is it Anyway? for a great night, for a great cause.

You don’t have to bring anything, unless you play something obscure like a xylophone or a tin whistle, and tickets are available at the door, which is open at 8:30pm.

By Libby Parker
Photos by Ed Hund